Best Way to Reheat Mussels

Mussels are a common shellfish that can be cooked in a variety of ways. As an excellent source of protein, iron, and B12, mussels should be shellfish that are on your radar.

Given that the average serving of mussels per person is over a pound, it’s common to have leftovers.

The best ways to reheat mussels are in other foods, in broth, on the stovetop, and in the microwave. These methods will ensure your reheated mussels are just as delicious on day two. 

Since mussels can be expensive when eaten out, it’s important you don’t dry out your mussels when reheating them. A dried-out mussel is generally inedible and will inevitably be tossed in the garbage.

Methods for Reheating Mussels

While there may be other ways of reheating mussels, these are the best ways to keep your mussels moist and delicious. 

In Other Foods

The absolute best way to reheat mussels in other food. If your mussels were originally cooked in a sauce, putting them in a tomato sauce is a good option. If your mussels were originally steamed, a soup or chowder might work better.

Quick Tomato Sauce to Reheat Mussels

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to reheat your mussels, try this recipe with common ingredients. Or, if you’re short on time, just heat up a jar of tomato sauce.

  • 1 TBL olive oil
  • 2 cloves of crushed garlic (or 1 TSP minced garlic)
  • Half of a small onion, diced
  • 28 oz can crushed tomatoes
  • Salt, pepper, oregano, or spices of your choosing
  • Leftover mussels

Once you’ve gathered your ingredients, it’s super quick to bring this recipe together.

  • Heat the olive oil in a pot over medium heat
  • Add the onion, cook until translucent
  • Add the garlic, cook until fragrant (about a minute)
  • Add the can of crushed tomatoes and allow the sauce to warm
  • Once the sauce is at the desired temperature add mussels (with or without shell)
  • Cook until heated
  • Add spices to taste
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Eat and enjoy!

Soup to Reheat Mussels

Another great way to heat leftover mussels is in a soup. This is a good option if your mussels have been steamed. Steamed mussels are usually cooked in a broth and white wine, so a broth-based soup is a good choice.

Another option might be a cream-based soup such as clam chowder. To reheat your mussels in soup, simply heat up your soup and remove the mussels from their shells. Once the soup is warm, add the mussels and heat at a low temperature; don’t boil your mussels.

In Broth

Another great way to reheat your mussels is in broth. You can use any kind of broth, but seafood or vegetable broth might be best.

This is similar to the method of reheating in soup. All you need to do here is boil your broth, take it off the stove and add the mussels without their shells. Let the mussels sit for 60-90 seconds, remove from broth and eat.

On the Stovetop

Reheating your mussels on the stovetop is one of the easiest ways to reheat your mussels. However, it’s important not to overcook them because they will get tough.

To reheat your mussels on the stovetop simply heat some olive oil in a pan and toss your mussels in. You’ll want to remove the shell before reheating in this method. Cook for around three minutes or until warm.

You can always swap out the olive oil for butter or any kind of butter substitute you enjoy.

In the Microwave

The microwave is a quick, uncomplicated way of reheating mussels. However, make sure you follow the directions to avoid ending up with dry, rubbery mussels.

  • Remove mussels from their shells
  • Place on a small microwaveable plate
  • Put the mussels as close to each other as possible, on top of each other is okay
  • Cover with a damp paper towel
  • Heat on low power in 15 seconds intervals
  • Eat immediately after removing from microwave
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Once your mussels come out of the microwave feel free to toss them with some butter.

To Conclude

Leftover mussels may seem difficult to heat up without drying out, but give one of these easy options a try. They are the best ways to reheat mussels.