What’s the Best Way to Reheat Papa John’s Pizza?

Reheated pizza can actually be really good. Good enough that most Papa John’s customers won’t mind ordering a size larger just in case they have some leftovers. Properly reheated pizza is comparable to the smell and texture of pizza right out of the oven for the first time.

But how do you do it? Reheating a food item with the best combination of cheese, veggies, a breaded crust, and meat toppings can be a challenge. You need to find the right balance to get the most for your money.

Reheating pizza is easy. Papa John’s actually includes a very short list of steps to reheat their pizza. Place it in the oven at 350 degrees on a oven-safe dish for 10 minutes. 

Papa John’s has instructions for reheating their pizza?

It’s somewhat rare for a pizza chain to include instructions on how to reheat their pizza. Other pizza makers are starting to do it with similar instructions. Pizza companies know that given their sizes, you might have a bit more than you wanted.

Americans also eat a lot of pizza. In fact, we eat 23 pounds of pizza per year from home pizzas to ordered pizzas. That’s 40 pizzas per year! With the amount of pizza eaten in America, many people reheat it.

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Can I reheat Papa John’s pizza in the microwave?

Sure, you can. While the microwave is not on the Papa John’s list of suggestions, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your pizza faster.

There is no set amount of time to microwave pizza, as it depends in part on the power of your microwave. The better question is, how hot do you want your pizza? As you know, the microwave can heat up your pizza quickly – just don’t go too hot for your own pizza, or sear the cheese right off.

Step by step:

  1. Remove pizza from box or fridge
  2. Place the pizza on a microwave safe plate
  3. Put a paper towel either under or over the pizza to catch grease, if you don’t want the grease.
  4. Many microwaves don’t have a particular option for reheating pizza. We suggest you start with a timer between 30 seconds and one minute depending on how hot you want it. You can always heat it up more.
  5. After heating, check the temperature see if it’s to your liking.

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Why the oven?

While the oven might take a little longer, keep in mind that your pizza was initially baked in an oven. Reheating your Papa John’s pizza in an oven while retain the quality of the pizza. This includes the either crispiness or lightness of the crust, the bubbles in the cheese, and the quality of the meats.

Microwaves while convenient can make the crust soft and floppy, which isn’t really our favorite.

What kind of dish should I use?

The easiest way to answer this is find a dish that says it’s oven safe on the bottom. This includes a stamp, just like a stamp that would say microwave safe. Given many people use their oven dishes for other baking needs, you can probably use the same dishes you use to bake.

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The type of dish won’t impact the pizza much – but a dish not designed for the oven could break or be damaged.

What are the steps to reheating Papa Johns in the oven?

We have some specific steps to getting good, quality, reheated pizza from the oven.

  1. Remove the pizza from the box or fridge
  2. Place your desired number of slices in an oven safe dish
  3. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
  4. Place the oven safe dish with pizza into the oven
  5. Set a timer for 10 minutes
  6. This time, put oven mitts on and remove the dish from the oven
  7. Check to ensure the pizza is as hot as you like. Also, wait for it to cool down if needed
  8. Enjoy!

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Can I reheat Papa John’s pizza in the box?

Don’t do it. Only use the box for transporting the pizza or keeping the pizza warm. This is not the same as reheating. The box can be placed in the oven under 200 degrees to keep the pizza warm while it’s waiting to be eaten, but this isn’t the same as reheating.

There are a variety of reasons why you should be very careful. So exercise plenty of caution when placing a pizza box in even a warm oven.

Can I grill Papa John’s pizza to reheat it?

You can certainly grill pizza to reheat it! Grilling can also add different flavors depending on your use of charcoal or gas.

  1. Turn the grill on to medium-high heat. The reason for higher heat is to heat up faster.
  2. Place pizza directly on the grill grates
  3. Close the grill for a few minutes
  4. Optionally, you could check within a few minutes and place the pizza on a higher grate if you have one. This would heat it slower
  5. Open the grill to check the pizza and to see if it’s your desire temperature
  6. Enjoy!
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Final thoughts

Pizza is nearly the perfect food, and we hate wasting it. Pizza combines cheese with crispy breading and our choices of meat, veggies or both. 

If you are anything like us, you can readily over enough pizza for a couple meals. This is actually one of the biggest benefits of Papa John’s pizza. It’s generally inexpensive and ordering a larger amount that you can eat in one sitting isn’t a big deal.

So, we hope the above suggestions guide you to safely and easily reheating your Papa John’s pizza.