Can You Freeze Dry Pancake Mix?

After the pancake mix has been opened, it should be stored in a cool and dry place, with no heat sources in reach. Always make sure the bag is sealed tightly, or switch it to another container that can be sealed properly. 

If you’ve bought pancake mix, there is a very high chance you ended up with more mix than you needed. Which may have you asking the question, can I freeze my pancake mix that hasn’t been cooked yet?

Yes, you can freeze dry pancake mix. Freezing can actually help the mix retain its quality for longer periods of time than, say, putting it in the fridge or pantry.

Things to Know

Before storing your pancake mix, make sure you have an idea of what the “best by” date is, so you have a general time frame. It can last for a while, but it is certainly not immune to causing problems. However, in the freezer, it will likely stay good for around three months, or even longer.

Pancake mix doesn’t necessarily expire in the sense that it is inedible, but over long periods of time, its taste and texture may change, in addition to how it holds up while cooking. Usually, dry pancake mix contains baking soda and powder, which are leavening ingredients.

These types of ingredients are what cause pancakes to rise and become that fluffy, desirable texture. As baking soda and other powders get older, they go through a series of chemical reactions and don’t work as well anymore. Sometimes they may even get a metallic sort of bitter taste.

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Properly Storing Dry Pancake Mix in the Fridge

The most important part of freezing dry pancake mix, or anything, is making sure you are storing it properly. Keep it in an airtight container and away from heat. A seal that is shut tightly will help keep moisture in and mold out. 

Some viable options for storing dry pancake mix in the freezer are Mason jars, plastic containers that are food safe, or a sealed Mylar bag. Baking soda, usually a main ingredient in dry pancake mix, can surprisingly last two to three years in a sealed, unopened container.

Once opened, though, it needs to be used within around six months. So, since dry pancake mix contains a few more ingredients than just baking soda or powder, it is recommended to consume dry pancake mix within three or so months. If worst comes to worst, there are a few great substitutes for dry pancake mix.

If you do end up freezing your mix, you can use it directly after taking it out of the freezer. The mix simply being frozen does not really have an affect on how it performs while being cooked. There is not a defrosting process, just remove it from the freezer and use it as you normally would.

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Dry pancake mix can definitely be frozen. It is recommended to consume it within three months, even if it has been frozen. Upon taking it out of the freezer, you can conveniently bake it as you would if it weren’t frozen. Simply being frozen for a few weeks does not have much of an effect, if any, on powder.