Can you Freeze Medjool Dates?

Dates are considered one of the oldest fruits in history and are considered to be the “tree of life.” While there are hundreds of varieties of dates, the Medjool date is considered to be the “king of the date.” Known for their caramel texture, Medjool dates are a dark amber color and have wrinkly skin. These super-sweet treats have a soft texture, containing a pit in the center. 

If you find yourself with an abundance of Medjool dates, you might be wondering if you can freeze them without compromising the taste. The great news is with a little preparation, you can easily freeze Medjool dates. 

Medjool dates, like other fresh fruit, can be very expensive. Buying them in bulk or when they are in season and on sale are great ways to enjoy the health benefits they offer year round. 

Freezing Medjool Dates

Due to their high sugar content, Medjool dates freeze exceptionally well. People do not notice a major difference in taste when defrosting. In fact, some people prefer the texture after they have been frozen and defrosted. 

Let’s look at how you can freeze dates in some simple steps. 

  1. Portion out your dates. You don’t want to put all the Medjool dates into one container, as they will stick together. When it comes time to use, you would have to defrost the entire container just to use a few. Separate the dates out into the quantity you think you would use each time. 
  2. Place the dates into an airtight container or bag. A vacuum sealer is best, but a freezer-safe ziplock bag works well if you do not have a sealer. A Tupperware container can also be used. Try and remove as much air as possible prior to freezing to try and prevent freezer burn. 
  3. Place the sealed dates in the freezer. You can label the bags or containers with the date for easy reference later. 
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When you are ready to use your frozen Medjool dates, the preferred method is to place the container or bag in the fridge overnight. They make a perfect morning treat to use in your oatmeal or on its own. 

If you are in a rush, you can microwave them on low heat for thirty seconds or until softened. Another option is to place the bag or container in warm water to gently thaw. 

How Long Are Medjool Dates Good For? 


Once frozen, Medjool dates can be stored safely for twelve months. This is due to the extremely high sugar content. 

Not Frozen:

Medjool dates can last months before they start drying out or spoiling. Properly sealed, your dates will stay fresh on the counter for around three months. If you keep them sealed in the fridge, you can expect the freshness to last between six to twelve months. 

Final Thoughts

Medjool dates are an incredibly delicious fruit, which can be easily frozen and stored safely for up to a year. Even without freezing Medjool dates last for an incredibly long time in the fridge, ensuring you can enjoy these seasonal sweet treats year-round.