Can You Freeze Summer Sausage? 

Summer sausage is a great appetizer or snack for any time of the year. You can preserve your roll of summer sausage to save for later in different ways. Summer sausage can be left out for short bits of time and also placed in the fridge but will it do well in the freezer?

Summer sausage can be placed in the freezer for up to ten months. The optimal time to consume frozen summer sausage is three to six months for the best freshness. Summer sausage must be unopened or tightly wrapped to have the best outcome.

There are many things leftover summer sausage can be used for, including breakfast meals, soups, pasta, and other dishes. Summer sausage can quickly be defrosted after its time in the freezer. Make sure to look out for signs of frost-burn on the food before defrosting it. 

Can You Freeze a Roll of Summer Sausage?

There is good news if you have leftover rolls of summer sausage from the holiday season or bought some extra. You can freeze rolls of summer sausage for up to ten months. Summer sausage has a great shelf life and will often be the same taste, texture, and smell when it has been defrosted. 

If the rolls of summer sausage are too large for the space in your freezer, you can cut the rolls down to size and rewrap them. Plastic wrap or Ziploc bags are great for keeping things fresh in the freezer. If you don’t have either, choose a container with a lid and cut the summer sausage rolls into smaller pieces. 

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How Do You Store Summer Sausage in the Freezer?

Summer sausage can be placed in the freezer in the original packaging it was bought in, unopened. If you have opened the package, you can tightly rewrap the summer sausage or place it in an air-tight container before putting it into the freezer. Air-tight containers will ensure the quality of the summer sausage and provide you with the most extended shelf life available for this type of meat. 

How Long Can You Keep Summer Sausage in the Fridge?

You can keep summer sausage in the fridge for about six months. This is the longest and most optimal time for summer sausage to be kept in the fridge in a sealed, air-tight container or wrapping. You can move the summer sausage to the freezer once it has been in the fridge but does not refreeze defrosted summer sausage. 

How Do You Defrost Frozen Summer Sausage?

When you freeze summer sausage, consuming it before the ten months of advised time in the freezer is essential. Summer sausage is best between three to six months but can be safe to eat for up to ten months. To defrost frozen summer sausage, place it in the fridge for a couple of hours or in a sink full of cool water for forty-five minutes to an hour. Summer sausage is already cooked and shouldn’t make you sick after thawing or reheating


Summer sausage is a great appetizer and snack that can be found seasonally. To enjoy summer sausage at any time of the year, you can freeze summer sausage. Summer sausage can be frozen for up to ten months and enjoyed safely upon thawing. Eating the summer sausage between three to six months is advised for best results.