Can You Microwave Ranch?

While cold ranch is amazing on a crisp salad, sometimes a warm dressing for your fries or on top of a comforting soup is a necessity for the cold weather outside. Unsurprisingly, warming ranch is a pretty easy process that anyone can do if they take the right steps. You can then use this warm dressing for chicken casserole, avocado toast, and jalapeno peppers.

Yes, you can microwave ranch, but there are stipulations: you should only do it if the ranch hasn’t been left open and has been properly stored, and you should do it in 15 second intervals until you reach the temperature you desire.

How Should I Warm my Ranch?

The best way is to:

Get a microwave bowl to put the ranch into, as putting it in the bottle will place a burnt taste and possibly plastic into the ranch.

Assuming that your wattage on your microwave is average, you should microwave the ranch at 15 second intervals and checking the temperature to see if it meets your needs.

You should warm your ranch after doing all the cooking, as it needs to be used fresh. There are dangers in letting it set out when the ranch is warm, as it breeds bacteria that way.

Can you Reheat Ranch That Has Already Been Heated?

Absolutely not. The issue with reheating previously heated ingredient resides within one of ranches main ingredients: Oil. Oil is extremely dangerous to reheat due to the lack of polarity with water. The lack of polarity makes warming dressings hard to do already.

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But there are even further issues with attempting to reheat oil-based products as there are levels of heat that oil will produce fumes that can potentially be harmful and may even increase your risk of cancer.

Why Should I Warm My Ranch?

Warm ranch is not a recent phenomenon, in fact, it is the perfect twist on nostalgic dishes. Tomato soup is a super popular dish that you can add ranch to for a tangy new feeling to a warm fall classic. Ribs are also a great example of a good flavor profile due to the combination of ranch and barbecue sauce, creating a symphony of tangy and sweet.

There are also unconventional snacks that pair well with ranch, as many in the eastern region swear by snacks such as ranch and watermelon, ranch and avocado, even ranch and peanut butter and jelly panini. The jury is out on how these combinations are used in the other parts of the world.