6 Chanterelle Mushroom Substitutes

A Chanterelle mushroom is an orange, yellow, white, or sometimes a mixture of these that has a funnel-shaped bottom. They are edible wild mushrooms that taste nutty and earthy and are best when cooked and prepared. What mushrooms can you substitute for chanterelle mushrooms?

You can substitute oyster mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, and maitake mushrooms for chanterelle mushrooms in earthy and woodsy flavored savory dishes. Porcini mushrooms, crimini mushrooms, and button mushrooms are all mild varieties of mushrooms that are excellent substitutes for chanterelles. The choice comes down to the variety of mushrooms you can find locally as well as the desired flavor profile of the dish.

To make the best substitute for chanterelle mushrooms in your dish it is a good idea to get to know the variety of mushrooms commonly available in your area. Once you determine the type of mushrooms found in your area, it is also a good idea to try them out and do some research on them. When you find the flavor profile of a mushroom you like, then you can use it to substitute for chanterelle mushrooms.

The Many Kinds of Mushrooms

There are a lot of mushrooms in the mushroom family and all of them have distinct flavor profiles and tastes. A great way to determine what kind of flavors there are is to get a variety of mushrooms and try them out! Here is a list of common mushrooms that can substitute for the chanterelle mushroom.

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1. Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms are smaller mushrooms and have a delicate and savory taste. They have a slight hint of seafood or fishy taste to them and are best eaten cooked. There are many ways to prepare the oyster mushroom which makes it versatile and useful when substituting for chanterelles. Oyster mushrooms can be great in dishes that replace meat with the meaty flesh of the mushroom. 

2. Shiitake Mushrooms

A funny name, but a seriously good meat replacement, the shiitake mushroom makes an excellent choice to substitute for chanterelle mushrooms. The shiitake is rich and buttery when cooked and is a great addition to any grilled meal. They can also be eaten raw and have a light and crisp texture and taste. The shiitake mushroom can be added to sides, soups, and salads to substitute for the chanterelle. 

3. Maitake Mushrooms

In addition to having a very strong earthy flavor, the maitake mushroom has a strong peppery component that makes meals a lot more robust. The mushroom is a powerful player in the savory department, and can effectively replace chanterelle mushrooms in any savory dish. Cooked, these mushrooms are much more flavorful and pleasant and provide a distinct taste of wild mushrooms. There is an aroma of wild mushrooms that is great for wild mushroom soups and casseroles that use cream of mushroom sauce. 

4. Porcini Mushrooms

Porcini mushrooms have a rich and flavorful taste. They also have a nutty flavor and a woodsy after-note that is best experienced when cooked. The raw porcini may have bacteria on it and will also be bitter to the taste. When porcinis are cooked into a dish as a substitute for chanterelles, you can expect a much more delicate taste profile. 

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It is possible to substitute porcinis for chanterelles in lighter recipes like brown gravies and other brown sauces. If you want to add some flavor to your steak or chicken, add some sauteed porcini mushrooms on top of it. There are many ways to use Porcinis. You can use them in soups as well to replace the chanterelle. 

5. Crimini Mushrooms

The taste of the crimini mushroom is similar to that of the common portobello mushroom. You can describe it as mild, savory, earthy, and slightly sweet. Although they can be eaten raw, their flavor is more pronounced when they are cooked. When they are roasted or sauteed, they replace the chanterelle mushroom with ease in any recipe that calls for it.

Raw crimini mushrooms can be used in appetizers with dips and cheeses. They can also be sliced and added to salads, much like the chanterelle. Although the crimini is not a wild-tasting mushroom by nature, its subtlety offers great flexibility when cooking. 

6. Button Mushrooms

These mushrooms are incredibly mild and slightly nutty in taste. There are smaller earthy notes of flavor, especially when cooked. When eaten raw they are bland-tasting mushrooms but become rich and flavorful when added to recipes in the cooking process. These mushrooms make great substitutes for chanterelles in lighter-tasting recipes and meals. 

Button mushrooms are great in soups and crockpots because the longer you cook them, the tastier they get. This mushroom is incredibly common to find in your local grocery store. Although button mushrooms are not wild mushrooms by nature, they can offer a complexity of taste to any wild mushroom dish. 

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It is possible to substitute chanterelle mushrooms with a variety of other mushrooms that are available. It is advisable to become familiar with the many different kinds of mushrooms if you are looking to learn how to substitute one type of mushroom with another.

Mushrooms like oyster, shiitake, and maitake are heavy hitters when it comes to taste and flavor. The mushrooms can be used as a rich and robust replacement for recipes that use the chanterelle mushroom. Added to previously bland recipes, the earthy taste of these dark-flavored mushrooms creates a whole new flavor experience.

The mushrooms that are more common and have a more delicate flavor are porcini, crimini, and button mushrooms. For those who only want to add a bit of mushroom flavor to their dish, these mushrooms will do the trick. It can be used as a replacement for chanterelles in brown sauces and to enhance the flavor of grilled meats.

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