Cubanelle Pepper Vs Poblano 

There are many wonderful peppers out there, some with a considerable amount of heat and others not so much. Both the cubanelle pepper and the poblano pepper are considered more mild peppers, though they do both have touches of heat. 

Though they are both peppers, they have many key attributes that differ them from one another. Cubanelle peppers are widely used in the Dominican Republic, while poblano peppers are from the Mexican state of Puebla and they are used a lot in tex-mex style cooking. Their taste, their heat level, their size, and their uses are all rather different. 

Differences Between Cubanelle Peppers and Poblano Peppers


The cubanelle pepper is known for being a sweet pepper and often shares a similar taste to the bell pepper. Poblano peppers on the other hand, while they taste a little like bell peppers as well, they are known for having more of a kick to them. Both peppers make great alternatives to bell peppers. 


Poblano peppers, similar to bell peppers, have thicker walls. This makes them better for different things. The cubanelle pepper has thin walls, which make them better for frying. Cubanelles are also very popular for their walls because, since they have the flavor of bell peppers, they make for almost the perfect pepper in some people’s eyes. 

Heat Level-

Every pepper is really different, even within the same variety, when it comes to heat levels. Cubanelle peppers usually never get too hot and they are not known for their heat whatsoever. Poblanos, while they aren’t the hottest pepper on the block, they can still pack a punch. Poblano peppers are funny in this way because you may eat 3 poblano peppers with no heat at all then another one that takes you off your feet, this is similar to jalapenos. 

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Their size and appearance are where they get really different. Cubanelle peppers are similar to banana peppers in the way that they are shaped. Cubanelle peppers grow to be about 6 inches long and 2 inches wide. While they are growing they have a very pale green color that is almost yellow. Ripe, they can be a rich red color. 

Poblanos are a dark green color on the vine, but when they are, turn a similar red color. Poblanos only grow to be about 4 inches long and are 2 inches wide. 


Cubanelle peppers, because they have thin walls and mild taste, are great for stir fries, and for adding to sandwiches or salads. In Cuban cuisine, they are often served on their own, fried, with seasoning. 

Poblano peppers have thicker walls and a more rich taste. They are better for grilling, stuffing, and roasting and are great with meats and cheeses.

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Final Thoughts

Both cubanelle peppers and poblano peppers have their place in lots of different cuisines. Even though they are both peppers, cubanelle peppers are much more mild, so keep this in mind when you are picking a pepper for your next meal!