Dashida vs. Dashi

Dashida and dashi are both cooking staples made with fish. Dashida is a Korean food, and dashi originated in Japan. They both have a pungent umami taste (very savory and meaty). They are both used in many different recipes and on the pantries of millions of kitchens.

Dashida and dashi are both derived from types of fish. Dashida is a Korean seasoning made with anchovies and dashi is a Japanese broth made from bonito fish. They both have a savory taste that can bring many dishes to life.


Dashida is a Korean instant beef stock. It is sold in very large bags and is used in mainly soups and stews. Its flavor is very strong, only one spoonful is enough. It’s a beef flavored seasoning that also comes in an anchovy variety. It also contains onion powder, powdered soy sauce, cornstarch, garlic powder, and sugar, which all help add flavor to dishes.

Its consistency is resemblant to the consistency of brown sugar. It is typically found in Asian supermarkets. Adding one teaspoon of dashida to your soup will cause it to burst with flavor. Dashida was actually the first composite seasoning in Korea.

Dashida was created by researchers who spent time studying the eating habits of Koreans who enjoy soup and foods similar to soup. Its base is beef and/or anchovy and flavored with vegetables like garlic or onion. It can be used to flavor virtually any food. Some people enjoy it with clam in addition to soups and broths.

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Dashi is made from dried kelp and dried bonito flakes (a type of fish). Both of these flavors are very distinct. On its own, it tastes very strongly of kombu (the dried kelp) but as an additive to other foods it helps other flavors flourish. Bonito has a very smoky taste, but doesn’t taste much like meat.

It is a type of broth, and functions the same as any other broth, but it has a very unique taste that makes it recognizable. Dashi will always have kombu in it, but may have a few different types of fish. These would include mackerel, sardines, or bonito. Dashi also has dried shiitake mushrooms in it, which help balance the flavor of the other ingredients.

While dashi is a kind of broth made from kelp and fish, many different types of dashi exist with various flavor profiles. It is packed with nutrients and both of its main ingredients have L-glutamate, making it very flavorful. Dashi is not usually suitable for vegans or vegetarians, but a type of vegan dashi can be made by cold brewing kombu.

How They’re Made

A main difference between dashi and dashida is the way they are created. Dashi is made by heating water with kelp and fish that has been smoked and dried, usually bonito fish. Before it is sold, the solid pieces will be removed. So the broth from dashi is pretty light.

The base of miso soup is usually made from dashi. It is also used to poach vegetables and fish. Because it is the base and key ingredient of many meals, it is widely available in the form of granules or powders.

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Dashida is made using a similar process, only it is a Korean beef stock with beef as its base, while dashi is a Japanese stock. Both of them taste similar, though, and the flavor has been compared to umami. Umami is a savory flavor that comes from foods which are rich in protein.

Final Thoughts

Dashida and dashi are very similar, but not the same thing. There is a reason why their names are so similar. They are both beef stock, but dashida is a Korean food and dashi is Japanese. The taste of dashi is a little bit less pungent, and it is the base for many soups. 

Whereas the flavor of dashida is much stronger and it is not recommended to use more than one teaspoon in your dish because of this. All in all, both dashida and dashi are stocks that can be used for soups and soup-like meals, such as broths.