Do Blueberries Have Seeds in Them?

One of our favorite fruits has long been misunderstood. Isn’t the blueberry the actual seed? Aren’t blueberries too small to contain seeds?

Let’s right the injustice this poor fruit has suffered. Blueberries are too delicious for us to mislabel them any longer. 

Yes, blueberries have seeds inside them. No, the blueberry is not a whole seed in itself. 

Future blueberry farmers will find helpful hints for getting those delicious berries up and growing in the paragraphs below. Also, the process for seed extraction is discussed below. 

How Many Seeds Are In a Blueberry?

There can be upwards of 20 seeds per blueberry! That’s right, these delicious bite-sized treats are just yearning for us to harvest them and replant them. 

The seeds are brownish, sometimes yellowish in color and are found in a circular pattern near the center of the blueberry. It’s similar to what you’d expect to find at the core of an apple. 

Don’t worry about the seeds ruining the taste of the berry, or getting stuck in your mouth. The seeds are too microscopic to have that type of impact. 

Eating an overripe blueberry will give you a better chance of noticing the seeds.

As the berry ripens and becomes tender and mushy, the seeds turn harder. Most folks liken this to eating a blueberry with a sandy texture in the middle.

Most blueberries are eaten long before they get to this over ripened point, so the seeds are still soft and barely noticeable.

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Is It Safe to Eat the Seeds In Blueberries?

The seeds of a blueberry are contained in its yummy flesh and are safe to eat. If you’ve ever munched on one of these delicious fruits then you’ve chewed up the seeds as well. No harm will befall you when you eat blueberry seeds. 

Because the seeds are soft humans won’t experience any digestive issues when the seeds work their way through our stomachs. 

But wait! There’s more. Not only are these seeds safe for us to consume, they also come packed with their own nutrition as well. 

This is why blueberries are often referred to as “Superfruits.”

What are the benefits of eating blueberry seeds?

Awesomeness. You will achieve the next level on your dieting plan. Blueberry seeds come loaded with a lot of the nutrients we’re seeking as healthy humans. 

Fiber, Vitamin C, and Vitamin are the biggest benefits we’re getting from blueberries and their seeds. And, we’re also getting a healthy dose of omega-3! 

It’s true. That hard to get nutrient, we’re constantly seeking, but hate the taste, is found in one of the most delicious fruits. Just one more reason to keep blueberries on the top of your list as a favorite snack. 

Here are the other health benefits you can find in blueberry seeds:

  • Iron
  • Phosphorous
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Manganese
  • zinc

The antioxidant known as anthocyanin is also found in blueberries. Who doesn’t want more antioxidants in their diet?

How Do You Get Seeds Out of Blueberries?

If you’re a superfan of blueberries and looking to plant your own garden of them, we’ll walk you through the process of extracting the hard to find seeds. 

Be mindful that you’re pulling seeds out of healthy blueberries and not ones that have gone rotten. 

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Below are two different methods for extracting seeds out of blueberries. 


Nothing special to this process. Fill up a bowl of these purple berries and start mashing. Feel free to use a fork, potato masher, or your balled-up fists. 

Fill that bowl with cold water and add the mashed berries. Carefully, swish the berries around and then let them sit for a couple minutes. 

The miniscule seedlings will sink to the bottom, while the mashed up berries float up to the top. Pick out the mushy flesh and pour out the water after the seeds have settled.


Pour a cup of blueberries into a food grinder or blender. Slowly blend them until the berries have been turned into smoothie form. 

Drain the contents over a bowl that’s been lined with a cheesecloth or other filtering cloth. Spread the mixture out evenly to give the blueberry smoothie room to soak through. 

By letting it sit overnight, you’ll awake to a blue smoothie in a bowl and the seeds on top of the filtering cloth. 

What Can You Do With Blueberry Seeds?

Eat them. Your body wants the extraordinary health benefits that come in each seed. 

Or use one of the processes described above to extract them and ready them for germination. 

If neither course sounds like a good option to you, maybe contact that friend or neighbor with a garden and see if they’re interested in the seeds. You might reap the benefits of home-grown blueberries. 

How Do You Plant Blueberry Seeds?

Blueberry seeds, like most other seeds, will need warmth, sunlight, good soil, and constant watering. 

But the most important thing you’ll need when planting blueberries is patience. It will take up to 3 years for the germination process to work and for purple berries to start appearing. 

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When planting seeds indoors, wait until winter or spring. Only use a pinch of seeds, somewhere around 6-8 and bury them under ⅛” of soil. 

Blueberries are selfish and will want to absorb as much sunlight as possible. Pick the spot in your garden that gets the least amount of shade and plant the seeds there. 

Transplant the seedlings into bigger pots as they get bigger to make room for the roots to spread. 

When planting the seeds outdoors, start as soon as you can. As the seeds are not buried deep you’ll want to be sure that the freezing season is over before planting season begins. 

And a friendly reminder to be patient. You’ll see the green plant sprout long before you’ll see those luscious berries start to grow. 

Take care of the plant with water and love and you’ll be rewarded with your favorite fruit. 

Are There Seedless Blueberries?

No. The natural growth process of the blueberry will always bring forth seeds into the blueberry. 

There is currently no science lab running experiments on blueberries to remove the seeds from them. As they are nutritious and hardly noticeable this doesn’t seem a likely candidate for most fruit scientists. 

Summing It 

Blueberries do indeed have seeds. They are nutritious and you won’t notice them at all when devouring the small purple fruit. 

The seeds can be extracted through a simple process if desired. 

But feel easy knowing the seeds within blueberries are what make the berry a Superfruit.