Does Nesquik Powder Expire?

Nesquik powder is a delicious, chocolate-flavored milk powder that can be stirred into milk to create a wonderful chocolate milk beverage. It is a favorite amongst children and adults alike and makes a great beverage morning and night.

Unlike many other foods, Nesquik powder does not technically expire. Instead, it has a use-by date that says when the quality of the product will begin to deteriorate. However, if stored improperly, the product can spoil.

This article will go over some of the most common questions that Nesquik consumers have when it comes to checking if their product is expired or not.

Does Nesquik Powder Expire?

Yes, like most foods, Nesquik Powder can expire over time. However, as long as it is kept dry, it will not expire in the same way that other foods do. It will not have the same smell or appearance that a regular dairy product would. 

Instead, Nesquik Powder’s version of expiring is that the powder will lose its potency and flavor. It may also begin to clump together and not dissolve as well when added to liquid.

However, if Nesquik Powder is not properly stored and moisture seeps into the packaging, there is the possibility that the powder can begin to grow mold. This mold can be very dangerous for human consumption and can result in foodborne illnesses. 

While most foodborne illnesses are not dangerous for healthy adults, they can pose a serious problem for young children or those suffering from pre-existing health conditions. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that your Nesquik powder has not expired and is safe for consumption. 

How Do You Read the Nesquik Powder Expiration Code?

Since Nesquik powder cannot technically spoil, it does not have the same expiration date that other foods do. Instead, this powder has what’s known as a ‘best by’ date. That means that it is best to use the product before the listed date.

After the best by date has passed, the powder will begin to lose its flavor. However, it will still be safe for human consumption as long as it has been properly stored away from humidity.

To read the best by the date you’ll want to look at either the back or the bottom of your container where the date should be printed. The date will usually be formatted in month/year format and will be printed next to the production code. 

In this case, the production code is not useful as it is only used by the manufacturer to track batches of products. That way, if there’s a problem with some of the products in that batch or they are found to be carrying a dangerous ingredient, it is easier for the manufacturer to recall the product.

The month and the day printed on the container signify when the quality of the product begins to deteriorate. If you are unable to read the numbers for whatever reason, if the ink has rubbed off or that part of the package has been damaged, you should throw away whatever product is left. You don’t want to risk consuming a product that has gone bad.

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How Long Does Nesquik Powder Last After Being Opened?

Typically, Nesquik powder will last for around two years after the product has opened. At that point, the product will begin to lose its potency significantly and it may be best to throw the product away. 

Of course, the length of time that your Nesquik powder will last will depend on whether or not you store the product correctly. If the product is stored in incorrect conditions, it will spoil far more quickly than a product that was stored correctly.

Ideally, Nesquik powder should be stored in a cool dry place like a pantry. The most dangerous factor that could cause your powder to spoil is humidity. With humidity comes the potential for mold which can be very dangerous. 

How Long Can Unopened Nesquik Powder Last?

It is unclear exactly how long unopened Nesquik powder can last. After all, this chocolate powder cannot technically go bad, it can just lose potency. However, after several years, it may be a good idea to throw the powder away even if it hasn’t technically spoiled.

After a couple of years, your powder will begin to lose its potency. This means that it will no longer be providing your beverages with the same chocolatey taste that Nesquik powder promises.

If you have still not used up all of your Nesquik powder after about two years, it is probably a good idea to throw it away and purchase a smaller, new package that you will be able to finish more quickly. 

Can Expired Nesquik Powder Make You Sick?

As long as it has been stored properly and no excess moisture has reached the powder, then expired Nesquik powder should not make you sick. 

However, if moisture has reached the powder then you should avoid eating it. The combination of sugar, milk protein, and water creates a perfect environment for molds and bacteria to grow. This mold and bacteria are what have the potential to make you sick.

If you consume expired Nesquik powder and become sick, it is important to go to your doctor as soon as possible. Some of the molds that can grow in this powder can be very dangerous if consumed. Your doctor will be able to make sure that you receive the appropriate treatment so there are no lasting symptoms.

Tips On How to Keep Your Milk from Spoiling Quickly

To keep your milk from spoiling quickly, it is most important to control its temperature and store it at a temperature outside of the danger zone. The danger zone is the range of temperatures at which dangerous bacteria can grow very quickly. This temperature range is between 40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

The ideal temperature to store milk is around 38 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature will keep your milk from spoiling while also not going too cold that your milk will begin to freeze which can change the flavor and consistency of the milk.

After you use your milk, you should always make sure to tightly close the container. This helps to prevent excess oxygen from reaching your milk which will speed up the spoiling process. If you leave your milk open, it will spoil much more quickly and you will have to throw it out. 


Technically, freezing your milk is a way to store it and keep it from going bad. However, this is not the best idea. Freezing your milk will keep it from going bad, but it can also change the flavor, color, and consistency of the milk.

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Ideally, you’ll want to only purchase enough milk that you can drink before it expires. That way, you won’t have to throw milk away or freeze milk to keep it from spoiling.

To learn about how freezing affects almond milk, click here.

How to Maximize Nesquik Shelf-Life – Storage Tips

There are several ways that you can maximize your Nesquik powder’s storage life and prevent it from losing flavor quickly. All of these tips will help to prevent your powder from expiring, but keep in mind that you should still throw your powder away after it has passed the best-by date.

Some of the best storage tips for Nesquik powder are:

  • Store it away from sunlight
  • Keep temperature and humidity low
  • Moisture-free environment
  • Oxygen-gree environment
  • Re-packaging the product
  • Freezing the powder


One of the best tips for preventing your Nesquik powder from spoiling is storing the powder away from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight not only raises the temperature, but it can also degrade the vitamins and minerals that are included in the product.

If you must store the product in a sunny place, you should try to place the product in a new container that does not allow light to reach the product.

Temperature & Humidity

Another common problem that causes food to go bad quickly is high temperatures and humidity levels. Both of these factors have the potential to speed up the decomposition process which leads to spoilage.

This is why many foods are stored in a refrigerator or pantry. These places are cool and dry which help to prevent foods from spoiling or growing mold, both of which thrive in warm, humid places.


The most important thing that you can do to prevent your Nesquik powder from spoiling is to keep it in a moisture-free environment. When your powder is dry, bacteria and mold are not able to grow as the sugar needs water to be activated.

Once the water reaches the powder, the sugar and milk proteins that are in the powder are vulnerable to bacteria and mold. After moisture is introduced, bacteria and mold begin to grow very quickly rendering the product inedible.


Nesquik powder is typically stored in an airtight container and there is a reason for this. One of the most dangerous factors when it comes to food decomposition is excess oxygen reaching the food.

The best way to prevent oxygen from reaching your Nesquik powder is by storing it in an airtight container. The container that the powder comes in should be airtight. However, if it’s not, you can switch the powder to another opaque, airtight container that will prevent the powder from spoiling due to oxygen and sunlight.


Another one of the best ways to keep your Nesquik powder fresh is by changing the container. When you first purchase a container of Nesquik powder, the lid should fit onto the container tightly and allow no air to move in and out. However, after you’ve had the product for some time, the lid may begin to come loose.

At this point, it is best to change the powder to a new container. Make sure to pick a container that is airtight and will not allow excess air to reach the product. Ideally, you’ll also want to pick an opaque container that does not allow sunlight to reach the product. This will help to prevent the product from losing its nutritional value over time.

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One last way to preserve your Nesquik powder is by freezing it. By freezing the product you will be able to preserve the product as it is and lose very little flavor.

If you do choose to freeze your Nesquik powder it is important to freeze it in airtight containers that have no moisture. That way, when you thaw the powder you can continue using it and won’t have to worry about any moisture having seeped in during the freezing process.

If you freeze your powder in bags make sure to squeeze as much of the air out as possible before freezing it. By squeezing the air out you can avoid freezer burn. 

How to Tell Nesquik Powder Has Gone Bad?

Since Nesquik powder stays good for years after it’s been opened, it can be difficult to tell if the product has gone bad or not. Fortunately, there are several ways to figure out whether or not your powder is still safe to consume.


One of the easiest ways to tell if your Nesquik powder has gone bad is by checking the product for discoloration. If the product appears significantly darker or lighter than normal or has grayish patches, you should not consume it. Any discoloration is a sign that moisture has entered the product which could be a sign of mold.

Discoloration can also occur over time due to exposure to the sun.

Rancid Smell

A rancid smell is another surefire way to tell that your Nesquik powder has gone bad. Typically, your powder will not have any smell other than its typical chocolatey scent unless the product has gone bad.

Mold Formation

Mold formation can occur if moisture has made its way into the product. You can tell that there is mold growing in the powder if there are black, gray, or white patches that appear fuzzy growing in the powder.

At any sign of mold, you should immediately throw the product away. If consumed, mold can be extremely dangerous and can lead to having to go to the hospital for medical treatment. Of course, not all molds will result in serious illness, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Insects Crawling

The last sign that your Nesquik powder has gone bad is the presence of insects crawling around in your powder. This will occur if the container that you’re storing your product in is not airtight. If your container is not airtight insects will be able to enter the container and lay their eggs in your NESQUIK powder.

If you see insects in your Nesquik powder it is best to throw the product away. Alternatively, you can also freeze the powder to kill the insects and then pour the powder through a strainer to take out all the insects.


Many people do not know that Nesquik powder does not technically go bad on its use-by date. Due to this confusion, many consumers end up throwing away their Nesquik powder before it has gone bad. This creates additional food waste which could be avoided.

While it’s important to inspect your Nesquik powder before consuming it, it will generally be safe for several years after you open it as long as it has been stored properly. As long as your powder does not have a rancid smell, discoloration, mold, or insects you should be safe to consume it.