Egg White Protein Powder Substitutes

Protein powders are used by many health-conscious people to maintain their figure, build muscle, and remain satiated while following a strict diet. There are many types of protein powder, and one that stands out among others are egg white protein powder substitutes.

Some people prefer to use an egg white protein powder, especially if they have dairy allergies that restrict their use of whey-based protein. However, when you don’t have egg white protein powder on hand or if you have an allergy, what can you use instead?

While limited, there are a few other protein powder options you have if you can’t access egg white protein powder, such as pea protein, hemp protein, brown rice protein, and mixed plant proteins.

Oftentimes, those who opt for egg white protein powder do so because of a dairy allergy or intolerance, so substitutes that contain these ingredients won’t be good replacements. Yet, you have plenty of other options that offer an array of health benefits in place of egg white protein powder.

The Best Egg White Protein Powder Replacements

There are several replacement options for egg white protein powder that are just as useful. Some of the most popular options include the following:

1. Pea Protein Powder

Perfect for vegetarians or those with egg or dairy sensitivities, pea protein is made from yellow split peas. As a high-fiber legume option, the source of pea powder protein has all but one essential amino acid.

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Rich in BCAA’s, which is key for muscle building, pea protein powder is absorbed slower, so it keeps you full for a longer period of time. In fact, individuals who consume pea protein compare their level of fullness to that of dairy protein sources.

2. Hemp Protein Powder

This is yet another plant-based protein powder that is another option for those with dairy or egg allergies. It is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids and many other amino acids, despite its inability to be classified as a complete protein.

Hemp protein is easily digested, but not much research has been done on this specific type of protein powder. It is a bit low in lysine and leucine, which are essential amino acids, too.

3. Brown Rice Protein Powder

When used for building muscle, brown rice protein powder isn’t a top choice. Yet, when considered as a substitute for egg white protein powder, it does have some benefits.

Brown rice protein powder has all of the essential amino acids we have been talking about, but is rather low in lysine levels. Comparable to whey protein in the areas of body composition and muscle strength, this is a viable replacement for egg white protein powder.

4. Mixed Plant Protein Powder

Since many plant-based protein powders are incomplete, some manufacturers will include a mixture of plant sources to create a more well-rounded product. To gain all of the essential amino acids your body needs, proteins like the following are regularly combined:

  • Chia seeds
  • Brown rice
  • Hemp
  • Pea/Split-Pea
  • Artichoke
  • Flax seeds
  • Alfalfa
  • Quinoa
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You may recognize many of the ingredients as super foods, which is why they are so popular in many mixed plant protein powders.