6 Frank’s Hot Sauce Substitutes

Over the years, Frank’s Hot Sauce has grown significantly in popularity. Not just a sauce for your wings anymore, Frank’s Hot Sauce is also a common ingredient in many dips and dinner dishes. Its spicy, vinegar flavor gives it a taste that is unlike most other hot sauce varieties.

If you’ve run out of Frank’s Hot Sauce, what can you use as a substitute?

Substitutes for Frank’s Hot Sauce include homemade hot sauce, Baby Ray’s Creamy Buffalo Sauce, Tabasco, Chula, Sriracha, and chili garlic sauce.

Although nothing quite compares to this hot, saucy goodness, you can calm your craving for Frank’s Hot Sauce with a few other types of sauce. You may even find you prefer some of the best alternative options to Frank’s Hot Sauce over the original.

Alternatives to Frank’s Hot Sauce

The sauces that you have available to use in place of Frank’s Hot Sauce are limitless. Many options taste similar, have the same texture, and can be used in the same way. Here are a few of our favorite replacements:

  • Homemade Hot Sauce: Although it may not taste the same as Frank’s, you can make hot sauce at home using vinegar, cayenne pepper, salt, water, and oil. Add whatever other spices you like to perfect the flavor.
  • Baby Ray’s Creamy Buffalo Sauce: Similar in texture and flavor, this is a popular replacement for Frank’s Hot Sauce. It can be found in the hot sauce section of many grocers and is comparable in price.
  • Tabasco: This hot sauce has its unique flavor that you either love or hate. It is hot with little flavor, which differentiates it from Frank’s Hot Sauce. Yet, if you are in a bind, a little bit of Tabasco will add a kick of spice to your dish.
  • Chula: Another vinegar-based hot sauce that is popular among consumers, Chula is much hotter than Frank’s but just as good.
  • Sriracha: This popular hot sauce has the perfect blend of flavor and heat. Different from other hot sauces, it stands out for its versatility in its possible uses.
  • Chili Garlic Sauce: If you prefer an alternative that is not vinegar-based, an Asian chili sauce is a good alternative. However, this replacement can be overpowering if you aren’t careful.
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Which alternative to Frank’s Hot Sauce you choose widely depends on your intended purpose. If you need a substitute for a dip, Tabasco or Chula aren’t good options. Yet, if you want just a bit of heat, a hot sauce like Sriracha can be a good replacement.

Can I Use Barbecue Sauce Instead of Frank’s Hot Sauce

For those who prefer a less heated alternative to Frank’s Hot Sauce, you can try to use barbecue sauce. This would be especially successful if you are looking for a hot wing coating replacement.

However, the spiciest barbecue sauce won’t be as spicy as Frank’s Hot Sauce. It may also be a bit more smoky and bold than Frank’s Hot Sauce. A very mild barbecue sauce is often the best substitute. Even then, you may have to water it down a bit to get a comparable consistency.

What is the Difference Between Hot Sauce and Buffalo Sauce?

Even though these two terms have been used interchangeably in our comparison of Frank’s Hot Sauce to its alternatives, Frank’s is smoother and richer in taste. Hot sauce relies on hot peppers, vinegar, and spices to develop its flavor, in comparison.

What is Frank’s Hot Sauce Made Of?

The main ingredient in Frank’s Hot Sauce is cayenne pepper. However, you will also find hints of salt, canola oil, paprika, garlic powder, natural butter, and other flavorings.