How Long Do Opened Potato Chips Last?

When you think of a snack to go alongside the sandwich you have packed for lunch, what do you think of? Cheese? Crackers? How about potato chips? Potato chips have become one of the most consumed foods. Made simply from potatoes, these snack items have a crisp and crunch to them that make them so loved. You may buy a big box or bag at the store, but you may wonder for how long you can pack those chips in your lunchbox.

Potato chips can last for approximately two weeks before they begin to go stale after the bag has been opened. If you can transfer these chips to a sealed container or bag and keep them sealed, the chips can last for a few months.

Continue reading to learn more about the shelf life of potato chips as well as methods you can use to keep them fresh for longer.

Can Potato Chips Go Bad?

After they have passed their expiration date, potato chips, similar to bread, can go stale after a period of time. These chips, however, are still safe for you to eat.

Potato chips can last for a few weeks after they have been opened, but you can make them last longer by sealing the bag or putting the chips in a sealed container.

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How Do Stale and Expired Chips Differ?

Despite how it may seem, stale chips are not necessarily expired chips. There is a difference between the two.

Stale chips are chips that have lost their freshness. This can happen when they have been stored for a long time. These chips tend to still be safe to eat.

Expired chips are chips that have gone passed their expiration date. Expired chips tend to taste bad and can be unsafe to eat. These chips also have less nutrients when compared to stale chips.

What Happens If You Eat Expired Chips?

Expired chips can contain bacteria that can be harmful to you. Eating expired potato chips can cause you to contract food poisoning. This bacteria tends to grow because the nutrients of the chip have broken down.

How to Store Chips to Avoid Going Stale

If you store your chips properly, you can extend the shelf life of the potato chips and keep them from going stale. When stored properly, chips can last for approximately three months before they begin to go stale.

Store in a Sealed Container

Airtight containers are a great tool in helping to prevent your chips from going stale. By being airtight, this can prevent the chips from coming into contact with too much oxygen or moisture in the air which can cause them to go stale.

Store in the Freezer

The freezer is another great option for storing your potato chips in order to prevent them from going stale. This is a great option if you do not plan on eating the chips after a short period of time has passed. 

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Potato chips are a very common snack. When you buy a big box or bag of them, you may wonder how long you have until those chips go bad. Luckily, chips tend to have a long shelf life. After around two weeks, your chips will begin to go stale, but they are still safe to eat.

You, however, do not want to eat your chips if they have expired as they can make you sick.