How Long Does It Take for Juice to Freeze? (Answered)

Did you know that freezing your juice can actually maintain rather than destroy its benefits? Juice is commonly derived from fruits or vegetables, or it could be liquids such as seafood or meat such as chicken stock. 

Have you ever contemplated how long it would take you to freeze that fresh pressed juice in your fridge? Freezing your juice can be done in a short 2 to 4 hours with the right freezer, temperature, and humidity. 

How Long Does it Usually Take for a Juice to Freeze in the Freezer?

Ultimately it depends on the model, shape, size, and quality of your freezer. On average most juices will take around two to four hours to freeze. Freezing times can vary, depending on conditions like:

  • The type and brand of your juice. 
  • Your juice’s freezing point.
  • Your juice’s container.
  • How much air is in your juice carton. 
  • If your juice carton is open or not. 
  • The atmosphere in your freezer. 

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At What Temperature Does Juice Freeze?

Generally, any liquid, like juice, freezes around 32°F or 0°C. However, different juices with different textures and consistencies will have different freezing temperatures. Some temperatures of other juices include: 

  • Orange juice freezes around 15 to 35°F or -10°C to 1.67°C. 
  • Apple juice freezes around 17.5°F or -8.05°C.
  • Pineapple juice freezes around 28°F or -2.22°C.
  • Grape juice freezes around 26°F or -3.33°C. 
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Does Freezing Juice Destroy its Nutrients?

Contrary to popular belief, freezing your juice does not destroy your juice’s nutrients. Freezing your juice is the only way that you can keep its vitamins, enzymes, minerals, flavor, and freshness. 

How Do You Freeze Juice Quickly?

Freezing juice quickly can be done in any standard freezer if you freeze your juice cold, in small, thin, or insulated containers. Some freezers come equipped with a “fast freeze” button; this can also be an option! Lower humidity in an upright freezer or chest freezer is ideal for freezing juices. 

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How Long Can a Juice Stay in the Freezer?

Depending on the juice, your juice could last up to 6 months. Cold-pressed, raw juice can stay in the freezer without degrading nutrients or flavor for up to 6 months. You can keep juice in your freezer indefinitely with no cause for concern about risking your health. 

Does Fruit Juice Go Bad in the Freezer? 

You can keep your juice in the freezer for up to 6 months without worrying about the quality, flavor, or nutrient degrading. However, your juice will never essentially go bad. 

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Related Questions

Is frozen juice healthy?

Contradictory to general belief, freezing your juice can preserve your fruit juice’s health benefits. Studies have shown frozen orange juice may be easier to digest than fresh orange juice. Frozen juice can supply you with a large amount of water. 

Frozen apple juice has the ability to improve bruises and cuts because of its Vitamin C and also contains Vitamin A, which is good for the health of your eyes and skin. 

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Is it okay to freeze fresh juice?

Freezing your juice is more than okay; it is beneficial! Suppose you store your juice in an airtight container or sealable bag with a bit of air. In that case, your frozen juice will remain fresh tasting for about 3 to 6 months but will keep indefinitely. 

The longer you keep your juice in the freezer, the more nutrients you lose. Freezing your juice will ensure it maintains its nutritional benefits. 

Can you freeze a plastic gallon of orange juice?

You can quickly freeze your juice in its original plastic or cardboard container. If you properly freeze your gallon of juice, it can last 3 to 6 months in its original container.

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Final Thoughts

In short, you can freeze your juice quickly in 2 to 4 hours, depending on the juice, type of freezer, the freezer’s condition, and the consistency of your juice. No worries, you will never wonder how long your juice will take to freeze ever again.