How to Heat Up Pita Bread

Pita bread is always enjoyed the best when it is fresh. But, more often than not, you find yourself with leftover pita. Even after a couple of days, you still want to recreate the softness that it had originally. 

Pita bread can be reheated in various ways, but each will likely provide different results. Some of the most common ways to heat up pita bread are: in the oven, in the microwave, on a skillet, and over an open flame. 

Heat Up Pita Bread in the Oven

Using an oven to reheat pita bread is one of the most practical, yet effective, ways to do it. Start by preheating the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Fill a baking tray halfway with water, and put it on the bottom level of the oven.

If you prefer your pita to not have a crispy outside, wrap it in foil before heating. Place your tray of pita bread on the rack above the water-filled baking tray, then heat for five to seven minutes.

The use of water in this method is genius, as it will create steam which will help moisturize the pita bread. As it heats, it will crisp, and the combination of these two elements should get your pita to that perfect texture you love. 

For a very soft pita that isn’t crunchy at all, wrap it in foil and sprinkle some water on it beforehand. This should take an extra minute or two of heating, but will be pillowy soft. If you don’t use any water when heating pita bread in the oven, it will likely be too dry.

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Using a Microwave to Reheat Pita Bread

A microwave is never the first choice for reheating food, but in a time crunch, it does just fine. Your pita will be soft right out of the microwave for a few minutes, but after that it starts to harden again. So, this isn’t the best method, but it does work.

To reheat pita bread in the microwave, first get a damp paper towel to cover the pita with. This will help trap moisture. Then heat for 30 to 45 seconds, and eat as soon as possible after reheating. 

This method will get you pita chips if you heat the pita bread for three to five minutes, much longer than the recommended time. Be careful not to overheat your pita, and eat it quickly after heating it in the microwave as it dries out very quickly with this method.

Heating Pita Bread on a Skillet

A skillet is an effective way to heat up pita bread, the only downside is that you can’t heat as many pieces at one time as you could with the oven. If you reheat several pieces of pita bread with this method, you can keep the others warm in a covered saucepan.

Grab a skillet that is heavy-bottomed and heat it on a medium-high heat setting. Before heating, you could lightly brush both sides of the pita and the skillet with olive oil. This would just help with the moisture factor.

Once the skillet is on and heated, place your pita onto it. Sprinkle a few droplets of water around the bread and cover your skillet with a lid. Heat the pita bread for about thirty seconds on each side.

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Heat Up Pita Bread Over an Open Flame

This method of heating up pita bread would only work if you have a gas stove. To do this, first turn the stove to a medium-low heat. Place the pita directly on the stove, flipping it every couple of seconds so it does not burn.

Once the pita starts to expand and puff, it is reheated. Using this method is ideal if you are only heating a couple pieces of pita, as you can really only heat one at a time. It will give the pita a nice, crispy, outside.

Storing Pita Bread

Before reheating anything, one of the most important factors is making sure that it was stored properly, to get the best results. To store pita bread efficiently, put it in a plastic bag and make sure to squeeze all the air out. 

You could also wrap your leftover pita bread in aluminum foil or plastic wrap. Either way it will last for about three days. The biggest thing is making sure the bread can’t dry out too much. Pita bread is very dry and thin, which makes it extra susceptible to drying out. 


Pita bread is an easily enjoyable appetizer or snack. It pairs well with many other foods, and its texture is perfect. But, if you got pita with your takeout, chances are you wound up with leftovers. Luckily, there are a few effective ways to heat up pita bread and restore its softness.