How To Reheat A Taco Bell Burrito

Taco Bell is great for a number of reasons. They have a relatively large menu with options for everyone, they are a quick stop perfect for a road trip, their prices are budget friendly and their food is absolutely delicious.

Because of all of this, it isn’t uncommon for your eyes to become larger than your stomach when there, leading you to order more than you can eat in one sitting. Taco Bell leftovers are bound to happen to almost everyone at least once in their life, but this doesn’t mean they have to go to waste.

Taco Bell Burritos can easily be reheated using the oven, stove, microwave, toaster oven or air fryer. All of these options are relatively quick and easy and will allow you to enjoy your Taco Bell burrito at its fullest potential.

So if you have ordered a few too many bean and cheese burritos, or have leftover burritos from one of their epic Party Packs, consider throwing them in the refrigerator to reheat and enjoy later when you are a little less full.

Methods Of Reheating A Taco Bell Burrito

How you decide to reheat your Taco Bell burrito will depend on how fast you need it to be ready. Most methods can be done relatively quickly, though some will take less time than others.

Separating all the ingredients and not reheating the fresh ones such as tomatoes, lettuce and other produce is highly recommended. This will help you maintain the quality and taste of your burrito.

Using The Oven To Reheat Your Taco Bell Burrito

Reheating your Taco Bell burrito in the oven is one of the best ways to maintain the quality and texture of the tortilla and all the ingredients. Reheating in the oven is simple and does not require too much work or time.

To do so, begin by preheating your oven to 400 degrees fahrenheit. Then be sure to remove all fresh ingredients besides beans, rice, meat and cheese from your tortilla. Then rewrap your burrito with the remaining ingredients.

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Wrap your burrito in aluminum foil as this will best preserve your tortilla. Place the burrito wrapped in aluminum foil into an oven safe dish.

Cook your burrito in the oven for fifteen to twenty minutes. After reheating, allow your burrito to cool for three to four minutes before serving.

This method is great because it allows you to reheat multiple Taco Bell burritos at once. If you have half of a party pack leftover, you can easily fit all of those burritos into the oven to reheat at the same time.

The only downfall to this method is how long it takes. On top of the time to preheat your oven, you will also need to reheat the burrito or burritos for up to twenty minutes. If you need your Taco Bell reheated quickly, this may not be the best method to choose.

Reheating Your Taco Bell Burrito With A Toaster Oven

When reheating a Taco Bell Burrito, many people may want to maintain quality without sacrificing a lot of time to do so. If you find yourself with a lot of hunger on your hands and little time, consider reheating with a toaster oven.

This method is very similar to reheating a Taco Bell Burrito in the oven, only that it does not require as long to preheat or cook. Due to the smaller size of a toaster oven, it can be preheated relatively faster than a conventional oven.

Preheating in the toaster oven will not work for more than two or three Taco Bell Burritos at most due to the size. So if you are looking to reheat a portion of a leftover Taco Bell party pack, this may not be the best method to do so. 

Make sure to remove all fresh ingredients such as lettuce, tomatoes and other produce that will be negatively affected by reheating. 

To reheat a Taco Bell burrito in the toaster oven, begin by setting it to 400 degrees fahrenheit. While waiting for it to preheat, wrap your desired number of burritos in aluminum foil. Place the wrapped burritos at an even distance on a baking sheet that is small enough to fit into your toaster oven.

Place the baking sheet of burritos into the preheated toaster oven. Allow them to reheat for 7-10 minutes, cooling for an additional two before eating. 

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Reheating with a toaster oven is an easy way to maintain the high quality of your Taco Bell burrito without having to sacrifice as much time as you would with an oven. If you only need a few burritos heated in a hurry, this may be the method for you.

How To USe An Air fryer To Reheat A Taco Bell Burrito

Airfrying is a relatively easy method that includes both high quality results and quick reheating. This specific method takes less than five minutes of your time and will not compromise quality by doing so.

If you are looking to reheat a large batch of Taco Bell Burritos at once, the air fryer is not the best method to do so. Air fryers can typically only fit one burrito at a time to reheat, making the process of reheating a bunch rather tedious and inefficient.

To heat your Taco Bell burrito with an air fryer, turn it on and set it to 400 degrees fahrenheit. For this method you do not need to worry about wrapping your burrito in aluminum foil, but be sure to still remove any fresh ingredients. Once your air fryer has been preheated, place the calzone you want to reheat inside and allow it to cook for 3-4 minutes.

This method is definitely preferred when reheating a single Taco Bell burrito at a time. It is quick, easy and stops your tortilla from becoming soggy during the reheating process.

If you have an air fryer in your kitchen, odds are it has quickly become a staple in your cooking. Using it to reheat leftovers such as a Taco Bell Burrito is a great way to put it to use!

Reheating A Taco Bell Burrito In The Microwave

Microwaving your Taco Bell burrito is one of the faster methods for reheating, only taking about 3-4 minutes. This method allows you to bring your tasty burrito back to life even if you are in a rush or having to eat on the go.

It is important to know what you gain in quickness you may sacrifice in quality when using the microwave to reheat your Taco Bell burrito. Burritos that have been reheated in the microwave may seem slightly soggy after this process.

The microwave also may not be best for reheating a large number of burritos. If you are planning on preparing more than two or three at once, consider using the oven instead.

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With this method you do not need to wrap your burritos in aluminum foil, and doing so would be a major safety hazard. Just be sure to remove all fresh ingredients and produce from your burrito before microwaving.

To reheat your Taco Bell burrito in the microwave, place it on a microwave safe dish or paper towel. Set your microwave to fifty percent power level. 

After adjusting your microwave, place your desired number of Taco Bell burritos on a microwave safe plate. Put the plate into the microwave with your burritos evenly spaced apart.

Microwave your Taco Bell burritos for 3-4 minutes, flipping them over after a minute and a half. If they still are not heated all the way through after this amount of time, continue to heat at thirty second intervals. 

Allow your burritos to cool for 1 minute before serving. This method is a great way to reheat your burrito in a time crunch, especially if you do not own an air fryer.

In Conclusion

Taco bell is a common food stop that produces leftovers. This is due to a combination of factors such as delicious, tasty options and low cost of food. It is easy to order more than you can eat in one sitting.

If you find yourself with leftover Taco Bell burritos, be sure to refrigerate them for later. There are a variety of ways you can reheat them and enjoy them as if they are just out of the kitchen once again.

It is very important to remember to remove all fresh ingredients before reheating your burrito. This will help maintain quality and taste.

No matter how you decide to reheat your Taco Bell burrito, it will be nothing short of delicious. The oven, toaster oven, microwave and air fryer are all easy ways to get the job done and enjoy your burrito whenever you have the craving to.