How to Reheat Five Guys Fries

There are certainly restaurants out there famous for one particular item. Red Lobster has Cheddar Bay Biscuits and McDonald’s has the Big Mac. Five Guys is known for reasonably priced, loaded burgers and of course their fries.

When you see their line workers emptying a large scoop of fries into a large paper cup and letting the rest pour into the bag, you know you have a lot of fries coming. Between the burger itself and the fries, you might not be able to finish it all.

Reheating Five Guys fries while retaining their crispy quality is a matter of using the right kitchen tools. Using the microwave can make fries soggy, but if you do it right they’ll come out pretty good. Otherwise, the oven or an air fryer are your best bet.

Reheating Five Guys Fries in the oven

Unless you are reheating your Five Guys fries at work, you probably have an oven available. The oven is one of the safest bets for good results and it’s pretty easy to use.

Let’s do a step by step

  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Get a oven safe baking tray
  3. Put a sheet of aluminum foil wrapped around the top of the tray.
  4. Put the fries on the aluminum foil. Try to separate them so they are each making contact with the aluminum foil and aren’t stacked.
  5. At this point, you could also drizzle on some vegetable oil to keep the fries moist and crispy when they are in the oven.
  6. Once the oven is hot, put the fry tray in the oven.
  7. Let the fry tray sit in there for a few minutes. You can start to tell if they are getting hot by a sizzling sound when you open the door. 
  8. When you feel like you are ready to check them, use some oven safe gloves and open the door. Get the tray out and take a look – by touch, feel, and taste – are they hot enough? Are they drying out? If they are drying out you can add a little more oil and turn the heat down.
  9. Once the fries are to your liking, one of the easiest ways to remove them from the sheet is with a spatula. You could also use oven safe gloves and push them off the aluminum foil or just roll it up and let them slide onto a plate.
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The oven is great for reheating fries because the heat is a bit slower and lower. You can also control exactly how much heat you want to apply. The process takes a little longer than the microwave, but it’s worth it! 

Note that the instructions for a toaster oven are basically the same for the oven. The difference is that the toaster oven might not hold as many fries.

Reheating Five Guys Fries in an air fryer

While less common in American kitchens, air fryers are becoming well known as a source for quick heating while retaining quality. An air fryer literally heats up and circulates it like a countertop convection oven. They are also much smaller than a regular oven – hence the counter top thought.

Our step by step

  1. If your air fryer has  removable basket, remove it and get the fries ready to go in.
  2. Put some of your choice of vegetable or olive oil in the air fryers oil container.
  3. Put the basket for the fries into the air fryer.
  4. Turn the air fryer to either 400 degrees or medium, whichever option it gives you.
  5. Let the air fryer sit for a few minutes while it heats up the fries. 
  6. When done, check to see if the fries are hot and crispy enough for you. If they aren’t, put them back in.
  7. When they are done, let them cool down and enjoy!

The air fryer represents the most similar cooking method to how Five Guys get their crispiness – with cooking oil. These will probably taste the most like when they first arrived in the Five Guys giant cup and bag.

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Reheating Five Gus Fries in the microwave

The microwave will probably be the best readily available cooking tool for you. Whether you are at home or in the office, the kitchen has at least one.

Our step by step

  1. Get a microwave safe plate, or if it has a crisper tray, even better
  2. Put a paper towel on the plate, then place the fries on the paper towl separated as much as they can be. 
  3. You can drizzle some oil on the fries for added moisture.
  4. Put the microwave safe plate in the microwave. 
  5. We suggest you start with 30 to 45 seconds. The microwave can get hot fast so we don’t want to dry them out
  6. Check after the first round to see if they are hot enough for your tastes. Put them back in for another round if not.
  7. When done, remove and enjoy.

The microwave is really a great tool for fast heating. The downside is that the heat can readily make the fries soggy and dry – neither of which are ideal for Five Guys fries.

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Spicing your fries

Five Guys fries use a more unique blend of spices than other fast food restaurants and often serve Cajun fries. You can shake on some additional spices before or after eating up your fries.


Reheating your fries well definitely keep you from throwing them away – and especially in the case of Five Guys fries, will help you not need to eat the entire thing on the first try. Their fries are seriously good along with their burgers, but the service sizes can be a bit overwhelming, even with their tasty use of spices.

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Try the air fryer too if you have, it, they work well for the purpose of eating up previous fried food.