How To Thaw Frozen Cookie Dough

Frozen cookie dough is an amazing time saver for when you want a gooey, chocolatey, melty cookie. It is ready on a moment’s notice, saving you the need to mix and measure ingredients or dirty any dishes. 

If you’re popping your cookie dough out of the freezer, how do you thaw it? 

To thaw frozen cookie dough, simply pop it in the fridge. It’s really as simple as that. You can do this overnight, but it will be ready in just a few hours. You can also bake the cookies right from frozen. 

How To Thaw Frozen Cookie Dough 

In The Fridge 

When you’re ready to thaw frozen muffins or cookie dough, all you need to do is take it from the freezer and set it in the fridge. Whether you are using a take-and-bake, store bought dough, or one you made yourself. Either way, it will thaw just fine in the fridge. 

You can use the same container that you froze the dough in to thaw it. If you’re only taking a small amount, use a metal spoon or ice cream scooper to divide out the amount that you want. Thaw it in a container with a lid, or covered in either plastic wrap or parchment paper. 

Leave it for a few hours to thaw. If you want to get ready the night before, you can let it thaw overnight. If you’re in more of a time crunch, you’re in luck; it will be ready in just a few hours. 

Once the dough is soft to the touch, you are ready to bake. You can follow your preferred baking instructions to make the cookies. 

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Cook From Frozen 

If you’re really short on time, you might not need to thaw the dough at all. You can take your dough right from the freezer and bake it in the oven. 

When you bake them in the oven, your cookies will not spread as much in the oven. That could be a great thing if you want taller, fluffier cookies. Just remember that you might need a little more time in the oven before they’re done all the way through. 

Can You Leave Cookie Dough To Thaw On The Counter? 

It might seem tempting to leave the cookie dough to thaw on the counter, but you should avoid thawing it this way. A lot of cookie doughs, both premade and store bought, will include raw eggs. 

When left to sit out, bacteria will form as the dough cools down. This bacteria is harmful, even when cooked, and can make you sick.  To play it safe, don’t thaw cookie dough on the counter. 


When you want to save yoursef time, but still treat yourself to something sweet, frozen cookie dough is perfect. If your cookie dough is frozen, you only need to set it in the fridge for a few hours. In that time, it will get perfect and ready to bake again. 

If you don’t have the time to wait, you can also bake your cookie dough from frozen.