How to Thaw Frozen Green Beans

Green beans are arguably one of the best vegetables. They go with almost every dish, and are extremely easy to cook.

You don’t necessarily need to thaw frozen green beans before cooking with them, but depending on the dish, there may be a need.

If necessary, the best way to thaw frozen green beans is in a colander using tap water and a bit of time.

Let’s go into how to best thaw frozen green beans using this method.

Thawing Frozen Green Beans

Before you get started, make sure you have a colander on hand. If not, you can use a flour sieve or even a cooling rack placed over a baking sheet to catch the dripping water.

Step 1: Remove your frozen green beans from the package and place them in your colander, flour sieve, or lay them out in a single layer across your cooling rack (don’t place it on the baking sheet just yet.)

Step 2: Place your colander or other container in your sink under cool tap water. To thaw more quickly, use warm water. Do not use hot water – that will cook the green beans!

Step 3: Stir or move your frozen green beans around during the thawing process. 

If you need to, keep your colander or sieve in the sink, or place your cooling rack on the baking sheet, and let the green beans alone. 

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Otherwise, repeat steps 2 and 3 as necessary. Your frozen green beans will thaw and come to room temperature in 30-60 minutes.

What Not to Do

It’s best to not microwave your frozen green beans in an attempt to thaw them. While this may seem like the quickest method, you run the risk of accidentally cooking them in the microwave.

Thawing your frozen green beans in the microwave will also affect their taste – and not in a pleasant way. All in all, it’s best to avoid the microwave when thawing frozen green beans.

Do I Need to Thaw Green Beans Before Cooking with Them?

Like the heading suggests, there’s a question as to whether or not you need to thaw your frozen green beans before cooking them. 

Unlike with proteins like chicken, you do not need to thaw frozen green beans before cooking them. Usually, the liquid in whatever dish you’re preparing will both thaw and cook your frozen green beans as you make them.

If you’re sauteeing your frozen green beans, just remember to put a little bit of water in the hot pan before you toss the green beans in. The steam and hot water will help cook and thaw your frozen green beans.

When to Thaw Frozen Green Beans

The only time when it’s imperative to thaw frozen green beans is when you are hoping to roast them in the oven. Because frozen green beans will have more water in and around them than room-temperature green beans, they will not roast properly unless thawed beforehand.

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Keep in mind that frozen green beans usually come pre-cooked. If you are thawing your green beans before cooking with them, you’ll want to shorten your cooking time to avoid over-cooking. Happy eating!