How to Thaw Uncrustables Fast

In 2013, Smuckers began selling Uncrustables, a sealed crustless sandwich. The Uncrustables are meant to be kept frozen and thawed during the day in lunchboxes. This process should take between 30 and 60 minutes.

But what if you want an Uncrustable sooner? If you want to know how to thaw Uncrustables fast, try one of the following options. To quickly thaw an Uncrustable you can use your body heat, find a warmer place, or use warm water. 

No matter how tempted you are to try, just like aluminum foil, do not use the microwave. The jam inside the Uncrustable will heat up and seep through the sandwich. 

Methods to Thaw Uncrustables Fast

When you’re hungry every extra minute you need to wait for your food feels like torture. Here are some ways to reduce the waiting time to thaw your Uncrustable.

Use Your Body Heat

This method is especially helpful in the fall and winter months. The average body temperature is much warmer than the temperature of the air. This makes using your body heat to thaw an Uncrustable a quick and easy option.

Place the Uncrustable between your hands and squeeze gently. You can also rub them together between your palms. Feel free to throw on a pair of gloves or mittens if your hands get uncomfortable.

Find a Warmer Place

Most likely, the warmest place will be in your car with the sun beating down. If a car is not an option for you, try a window sill that faces the sun. 

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While places that are warm and sunny will be your best option, if it’s overcast or rainy, he’s some backup ideas:

  • In your dresser between heavy items of clothing such as sweaters or jeans
  • Next to the heating vent
  • On top of a cable box or video game system (turn over periodically)
  • On top of the dryer when it’s running (turn over periodically)
  • On top of the refrigerator, underneath a glass bowl

Think about your house and which places are warmest. If you have pets, follow them around! They can always find where it’s warm.

Use Warm Water

Your Uncrustable will come wrapped in plastic, do not take it off. If you feel more comfortable, you can put the plastic bag into a Ziplock bag.

Fill a bowl with warm water and submerge the double-bagged Uncrustable. Allow it to remain in the warm water until thawed.

If you find that the bag keeps floating to the top, here are some options to try:

  • Make sure you get as much air out as possible
  • Put a binder clip on the bottom of the bag and put a utensil through it
  • Put some magnets or marbles inside the Ziplock bag
  • Put a plate, right side up, over the top of the bowl
  • Wedge it into place with an item the same size as the bowl

Now You Know

Now you know three different ways to thaw Uncrustables fast. Try your own ideas for warm places and keeping your Uncrustable submerged.