Lobster vs Crab Meat

Both lobsters and crabs are a big deal in the seafood industry. Although lobsters are seen as a more exotic dish in comparison, the two dishes are some of the most popular in the world.

Crabs are perhaps more popular because there’s a crab dish available for most budgets. Lobsters, on the other hand, are noticeably pricier than other seafood like shrimp.

Crabmeat is arguably tastier than lobster meat, although everyone’s tastes will differ. Generally, crabmeat is popular for its softness and sweetness, even with minimal external flavors. Lobster meat may not be as sweet as crab, but it certainly has found favor in more sophisticated circles.

Lobster vs crab: physical differences

While both kinds of seafood belong to the crustacean family, that’s where their similarities mostly end. Lobsters are often larger and more elongated than crabs. Crabs are smaller, rounder, and do not have tails.

How much do lobsters weigh compared to crabs?

Lobsters are usually bigger than crabs, and on average, they weigh 2-4 pounds. However, some big lobsters can weigh ten pounds. The largest lobster ever caught in the world, captured in Canada, weighed a stunning 44 pounds.

Crabs don’t weigh as much as lobsters, with an average weight of 1-3 pounds. There are even smaller crabs, with sizes in millimeters. However, the popular king crab can weigh as much as 20 pounds.

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Lobster vs crab: which is pricier?

A pound of lobster will set you back about $10, which might not seem like much at first. However, with large lobsters weighing over five pounds, the price can quickly jump.

Crab prices often vary based on the type and size. $3 per pound for a small crab is certainly cheaper than the lobster prices. A large king crab weighing 10 pounds can set you back $30.

Why are lobsters more expensive than crabs?

Crabs are very common and can be caught all over the world. While some crabs will be more expensive, due to their size, they are generally available in many oceans. Crabs also live in freshwater, and they can be caught on land in tropical areas.

Lobsters are a lot less common, which makes them harder to catch. Aside from this, storing lobsters and keeping them alive can be an expensive task.

Lobster vs crab: which is healthier?

Seafood is generally healthy, and this goes for both crabs and lobsters. Both types of meat contain protein, vitamins, and nutrients.

Lobster meat can strengthen the immune system, as well as arteries and other blood vessels. Lobsters have also been known to prevent cancer.

Crabmeat can improve the physical appearance and condition of skin, hair, and nails. It also stimulates the digestive system.

Lobster vs Crab: which tastes better?

While some people will argue that both types of meat have generally similar tastes, others will state that lobster tastes better. As taste remains a rather subjective issue, your preferences will determine which meat tastes better for you.

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Crabmeat is juicy and soft and is notably sweeter than lobster. However, lobster meat is firmer and saltier than crab. Crabmeat can be salty, especially if the crab lives in saltwater.

The lobster tail is popularly seen as its tastiest area, while crabmeat is tastiest in the legs and belly.

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A final word:

While lobster meat is certainly the accepted meat for refined palates, crabmeat certainly has a say. Crab’s sweetness and relatively affordable meat is an enjoyable seafood treat as well. Both types of meat are healthy, with lots of nutrients and minerals, and they’re certainly both tasty.