4 Portobello Mushroom Substitutes

Portobellos are a hearty yet low calorie food you can find headlining a main course, adding body to a sauce, or stuffed with anything you desire. Whether you prefer a different mushroom or to avoid the fungus all together, there are several full-bodied substitutes you can use in its place.

Cremini mushrooms, zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes, and eggplants are four fantastic friends that can substitute for portobellos.

1. Cremini Mushrooms

The portobello is the mature version of the cremini mushroom. Although having wider mushroom cap, nearly 4-6 inches in diameter, these are the product of the same fungus. Most portobellos are meant to give a meaty texture to your meal. The cremini can do just that, just in the younger and smaller variety.

How to select plump cremini mushrooms

When selecting them, look for a firm and full mushroom with a sedimentary aroma. Avoid mushrooms that are shriveling or have a slick texture, as those are signs the product is turning bad.

Rich recipes for cremini mushrooms

You cannot go wrong with a risotto with that savory and flavorful texture. Or by simply adding butter, garlic, and thyme together you’ve got sauteed mushrooms to top any main dish or serve as a side.

2. Zucchini

This summer squash has green edible skin and a slightly bitter inside which becomes sweet when cooked. With only about 25 calories per zucchini, it provides that meaty texture while remaining heart healthy. Do not overcook this little gourd as it will get mushy quick.

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How to select succulent zucchini

Zucchini should be picked soon after appearing (usually within 2-7 days) as it becomes bitter the longer it stays on the vine. When perusing searching for them, look for small or medium lengths, about 6 inches. They should be firm and are freshest if sporting tiny rough hairs.

Sophisticated zucchini recipes

If you’re looking to keep that firm and fulfilling quality, try baked parmesan zucchini which can be ready in 20 minutes. Or go thick and hearty with stuffed zucchini boats that you can customize with your desired meats and seasonings.

3. Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes have a robust sweet and savory tomato flavor. Originally, tomatoes were dried on Italian rooftops in a meticulous process which took several days. Now you are getting sun-dried tomatoes that have been baked at low temperatures in an oven or placed in a dehydrator for several hours. This substitute isn’t done helping, as you can find appetizing replacements for it as well.

How to select supremely sun-dried tomatoes

Typically, you can find them dry-packed or oil-packed sometimes with various herbs added. For dry-packed you will need to reconstitute them by letting them sit in water for 30 minutes or in oil for 24 hours.

Fun in the sun-dried tomatoes recipes

Instead of stuffing portobellos, make these sun-dried tomatoes be a real fill-in and fill up some spaghetti squash, or let’s swim in some creamy sauces with a touch of pasta and spinach.

4. Eggplants

There are many varieties of eggplant that you can exchange for their portobello pals. The most common one for Americans is the Globe Eggplant, you can find it at the supermarket with a short bulbous shape and dark purple coloring. Similar to zucchini, it has a slightly sweet and bitter taste but a spongier texture.

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How to select prime eggplants

You’re looking for the bright and shiny of the lot. Eggplants should have a glossy skin free from marks or blotches. Give it a light squeeze to find a firm texture. Larger eggplant tends to be more bitter than smaller ones, so consider your preferred palate when making your selection.

Excellent eggplant recipes

Since eggplant leans to having the same diameter as a portobello, you can try these grilled eggplants in place of burger or sprinkle on stuff them with some fresh mozzarella with this eggplant caprese variation.

Like a sordid soap opera, you can choose the younger brother and go with the cremini mushroom. Or if mushrooms bring you too many Super Mario Bros. flashbacks and you want to fling the fungus, you have several satisfying stand-ins waiting to take on a leading role.