12 Kaffree Roma Coffee Substitutes With Rich Coffee Flavor

Roma coffee has been around for centuries as a dark roast coffee made from roasted barley and Chicory. The smoky, rich, intense flavor will surely add flavor to your dish. 

With the complex flavor of Roma coffee, you may think it is hard to find a suitable substitution. Look no further; you have located your answer! You can use many substitutes such as Lavazza, Postum Wheat Bran & Molasses Coffee, or Kona coffee. 

What is Roma Coffee?

Roma coffee, also known as “instant coffee,” has been around for centuries, first brought to Europe via trade routes. Although it is known as “instant coffee,” it is not as strong as you may think compared to other “instant coffee” drinks. 

 You may recognize Roma coffee by its intense, rich, smokey flavor. Roma coffee is a dark roast coffee and is the base for some liqueurs such as Kahlùa.  

What is Roma Coffee Made Of?

Roma coffee primarily consists of roasted barley with Chicory and rye mixed in as well. As a result of the slow drying process, the beans’ outer shell has almost completely burned away. This drying process results in the bitter taste of Roma coffee. 

You can prepare Roma coffee in numerous ways, like iced or hot. The most common way to prepare Roma coffee is by adding boiling water to the Roma coffee “powder” into a mug and stirring industriously. 

Is Kaffree Roma Good for You?

Kaffree Roma is essentially good for you as long as you consume it in moderation. Since Kaffree Roma consists of only three plant-based ingredients, Chicory, rye, and barley, it is low in calories at ten calories per serving. Kaffree Roma also includes 20 mg of Potassium, contains no sugar or salt, and has zero caffeine, fat, and sodium.  

You can’t forget the best part, Roma Kaffree is vegan and non-GMO! Due to all of these health benefits, Kaffree Roma is actually beneficial to you and can aid in the following: 

  • Decrease Anxiety.
  • Decrease Migraines.
  • Help to reduce type 2 Diabetes.
  • Lowers blood pressure. 
  • Promotes better sleep. 

What Can I Use Instead of Roma Coffee?

1. Postum Wheat Bran & Molasses Coffee

You’re going to want to hear about the closest alternative to Roma coffee first, right? Of course, you do! Postum Wheat Bran and molasses coffee, an instant beverage made from wheat bran and molasses, is by far the closest alternative you can get to Roma coffee with regard to flavor. Although it has the chicory flavor, Postum Wheat Bran and Molasses Coffee contains no chicory, which is excellent if you are allergic to Chicory! 

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Postum Wheat Bran and Molasses coffee consists of only natural ingredients and has absolutely no caffeine or tannic acid. No caffeine or tannic acid makes it a perfect alternative to Roma coffee if you have special dietary or religious restrictions. 

2. Kona Coffee

Kona coffee, as a whole, contains less caffeine than most brands but is still effective at giving a caffeine buzz. That said, if you are looking for a caffeine-free alternative, you should look for a decaf variety of Kona coffee. 

Otherwise, Kona coffee could be one of your better substitutes as it comes in a variety of flavors and roasts; each one of them tastes different. For example, the Mocha Latte Kona coffee will give you a slightly different taste than Vanilla Kona coffee. 

3. Pero Instant Beverage

A medley of grains and Chicory gives you Pero Instant Beverage. It is now made in Germany, using natural ingredients like Barley, Chicory, and Rye without additives or preservatives giving it a similar taste as Roma coffee. As a result of using natural ingredients, Pero Instant Beverage is relatively healthy. 

Pero Instant Beverage contains high levels of an anti-cancer, Alkylresorcinols in the rye with high fiber content. There is high content of a probiotic called Inulin in the Chicory, and barley is known to help regulate blood sugar. That said, Pero Instant Beverage is a healthier alternative with none of the drawbacks of Roma coffee. 

4. Lavazza

Lavazza is another fantastic alternative that offers numerous flavors, including dark roast, medium roast, mild roast, espresso, and instant coffee options. 

You can generally find Lavazza in any grocery store, frequently sold in smaller, single-serving packets, which makes it easy to find and use as a substitute!  

5. Cafix All Natural Coffee Substitute

Cafix All Natural Coffee Substitute, like it states in the name, is all natural! It contains Chicory, malted barley, barley, sugar beet extract, and fig extract, so it is one of the best-tasting substitutes. Cafix, produced in Poland, is more of a crystal form rather than a powder, making it more water-soluble. 

Cafix All Natural Coffee Substitute is free from trans-fat, artificial additives, and cholesterol; it is non-GMO and low in sodium. Cafix All Natural Coffee promises to give you the punch of Roma coffee without the use of Roma coffee.  

6. Green Tea

Green tea, which is naturally caffeine free, is your best alternative if you are looking for a mild taste and caffeine free. Green tea is also high in antioxidants that balance your hormones and help boost your immune system. 

Although you can use green tea as a Roma coffee substitute, it is not an ideal substitute. Green tea has a very mild taste, especially compared to Roma coffee. If you are looking for the punch of Roma coffee, green tea is probably not your best option. 

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7. Teeccino Herbal Coffee, Mediterranean Vanilla Nut

Teeccino Herbal Coffee, with its full-bodied flavor, is formulated from barley, carob, almonds, Chicory, figs, and dates to resemble the sharp bite of Roma coffee. Java-style Teeccino Herbal Coffee would be your best bet for an alternative to Roma coffee as they have similar flavor profiles. 

Teeccino Herbal Coffee is not an instant beverage like most alternatives you know. That said, Teeccino Herbal coffee needs to be brewed using your choice of brewing method before using it in a recipe or dish. The best way for you to do this would be using a french press or aero press and brew at a lower temperature.  

8. Four Sigmatic Golden Latte 

The carminative Four Sigmatic Golden Latte, formulated to promote digestive health, can improve energy levels over time without the buzz and crash resulting from caffeine. Four Sigmatic Golden Latte is also rich in herbal adaptogens, which are herbal substances that can aid the body in adapting to stress, exerting a normalizing effect on your body’s functions. 

Combining turkey tail mushrooms, reishi spores, and certain spices like turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger will produce Four Sigmatic Golden Latte. These ingredients give you a vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and paleo-friendly alternative to Roma coffee; coconut milk brings creaminess to the latte with no need for dairy! 

10. Chai Tea

You could also use Chai Tea as an alternative to Roma coffee, although you have to ensure that the labels state it is caffeine free, as most Chai Tea is not. Chai Tea comes in numerous flavors giving you plenty of options for extra taste in your dish. You can easily find Chai Tea in dark roast, medium roast, mild roast, espresso, or instant coffee options! 

You will easily find Chai Tea in your local grocery store in single-serving packets. Being so quickly found makes for an easy-access alternative. 

11. COFFIG Roasted Fig Coffee

COFFIG Roasted Fig coffee brings a unique and distinctive taste and a special aroma due to the roasted figs, and is highly concentrated. There are no added sugar or additional ingredients in COFFIG, which gives an all-natural approach to energize you.

COFFIG, with its fruity flavor, is a perfect alternative if you are gluten-free, vegan, or alkaline, even if you just don’t like the taste of Chicory. COFFIG brings a great taste with no acidity or caffeine; try adding it to your home baking, smoothie, or milkshake! 

12. Roasted Chicory Root Granules

Roasted Chicory Root is an alternative that looks, tastes, and smells the same as coffee but doesn’t have caffeine, artificial flavors, or additives and is Kosher-friendly! 

Roasted Chicory Root Granules, providing an earthy aroma, will give you the strong flavor of coffee that Roma coffee would make it an ideal alternative. 

Related Questions

How do you feel energized without coffee?

You can take many actions and measures to feel energized in the morning without coffee or caffeine! Some things you could try are as follows: 

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  • Eat sufficiently and habitually.
    • Skipping meals can deprive you of the vital energy you need to get through your day alive.
    • Skipping a meal can set you up to overeat at the next meal, causing you to become fatigued. 
  • Stay hydrated.
    • Fatigue is a common sign of dehydration; drink plenty of water to avoid hydration.
    • Experts say you should drink six to eight glasses of water daily, depending on your size, height, and weight.
  • Exercise.
    • You should exercise daily, even if it is just a quick walk. 
    • Exercise reminds your cells that you need to produce more energy. Exercising will help your body provide more fuel. 
    • Exercise activates the release of a chemical named Norepinephrine, which contributes to feeling awake and alert. Commonly known as the “runner’s high.” 
  • Do Bellow’s Breath.
    • People initially used bellow’s breath in yoga.
    • Bellow’s breath stimulates the diaphragm and alerts your body to increase attentiveness. 
    • While keeping your mouth shut, inhale and exhale quickly through your nose with short, astute breaths. Do this for about ten seconds, then breathe normally, giving yourself a break. Repeat this process several times. 
  • Commence your morning with food.
    • Look for a snack with a low sugar index. 
    • Snacks with a low sugar index absorb more slowly and won’t cause an abrupt decline in energy. 
    • Carbs, fats, and proteins are suitable for a jump start on your morning. 
    • Low-fat greek yogurt 
  • Take a power nap. (Yes, you read that right! Nap!)
    • Twenty minutes is sufficient to obtain the restoring advantages of the first stages of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep.
    • It would be best if you were careful napping longer than 20 minutes; you may enter a deeper sleep phase, causing you to feel dazed. 
    • You should avoid napping later in your day as it could derange your natural slumber process.
  • Connect with nature.
    • Being around nature, even briefly, could make you feel additionally energized.
    • The theory is that the impact on decreasing stress responses may be why nature can promote energy.

What should I drink as soon as I wake up?

Experts say staying hydrated is essential to keeping your body healthy and satisfied. Water can also improve metabolism, and skin radiance, increase the shine and texture of your hair, strengthens your immune system, and more! You should drink at least 3 cups of water as soon as you wake up every day. 

Is it better to drink decaf or regular coffee?

Regular coffee has many natural health benefits, such as being linked to reduced risk of all sorts of diseases and being loaded with antioxidants. 

Decaf does not provide these benefits. Therefore regular coffee is better for you. Although, if you are an individual that cannot drink regular coffee, decaf will suffice for you. 

To End  

In conclusion, there are so many substitutes for Roma coffee it is impossible for you dont find a suitable one! Whether you want a healthier alternative, have dietary restrictions, or have another reason, you are sure to find an appropriate option.