The 12 Best Rye Flour Substitutes for Your Baking Recipes

You probably have a lot of uses for rye flour in your baking. It has an earthy, almost nutty flavor that works nicely with many different types of desserts and other foods.

In fact, you may love rye flour so much that you want to use it as a substitute for some of the other flours you usually use in your recipes. 

Maybe you don’t have rye flour available right this minute, or perhaps it’s just not your favorite at the moment but you still want to experiment with those delicious rye-based recipes. 

In any case, that’s why we’re here to help! Here are some solid suggestions for suitable substitutes for rye flour when using it in your baking: whole wheat flour, barley flour, rice flour, corn flour, and more. 

What Does Rye Flour Do in Baking?

Rye flour provides a lower gluten, high-nutrition flour option in baked goods that has deeper, nutty flavors than your regular wheat flour. 

Due to its high levels of protein, minerals, and vitamins, moderate quantities of rye flour in your diet can be good for your health. 

Baking bread with rye flour will result in a denser, more flavorful loaf. 

Is Rye Flour the Same as Whole Wheat Flour?

No. Rye flour and wheat flour are the ground-up powders of two different plants. While very similar in texture and nature, whole wheat flour does not have the same strong, nutty flavors as rye. 

Rye flour also contains more nutritional boosters like proteins, vitamins, and minerals compared to the levels in whole wheat flour. 

What Can I Substitute Rye Flour with?

1. Whole Wheat Flour

Wheat flour works well and can be substituted for rye flour in bread, pastries, and desserts. 

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While it will function the same, you will lose some of the health benefits and the distinctive taste provided by rye flour.

2. Spelt Flour

This ancient grain flour is related to rye and they share many similarities. 

Their similar earthy flavors make spelt flour an excellent rye flour substitute. Make sure to adjust your recipe for spelt, however, as it’s a denser flour. For every 1 ½ cups of rye flour, only use 1 cup of spelt flour.

If you’re looking to replace rye flour due to avoiding gluten, spelt is not a viable option.

3. Barley Flour

Barely is also related to rye and possesses a similar potent and earthy flavor with the same dense texture. Mimicking rye’s distinctive dark color and slightly bitter taste, barley flour makes an excellent rye flour substitute in baking recipes. 

Barley flour is harder to source than rye flour and some may turn their nose up at the more bitter taste. 

For recipes that need to rise, you’ll have to add another flour due to barley flour’s low gluten levels. Add a quarter ratio of any other flour to achieve proper rise and elasticity.

4. Buckwheat Flour plus White Flour

This seed flour has a bitter, nutty taste, and nutritional profile very similar to rye making it an acceptable rye flour substitute. 

Buckwheat flour gained popularity due to its gluten-free nature. The Japanese use it to make soba noodles and the French use it to make savory crepe batter.

Adding a little white flour to the mix and this flour can replace rye flour in bread and other recipes that need to rise. 

5. Rice Flour

Rice flour would be a great option if you’re trying to follow a gluten-free diet. 

This Asian-inspired flour can be used as a thickener in batters or baked goods. For a great rye flour substitute, choose brown rice flour. 

Rice flour’s texture is not as robust as rye, so some adjustments should be made. Blending it with other gluten-free flours or even ground nuts will prevent a gummy and crumbly texture.

If you want the robust flavors that rye flour provides, you’ll be disappointed with the far blander taste of rice flour. 

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6. Chia Flour

Another perfect, gluten-free rye flour alternative is chia flour. 

The mild nutty flavor of ground chia seeds will give nice rye-like tones to your pastries, as well as that gummy texture.

It’s a suitable replacement for rye flour in cakes, muffins, bread, and other baking goods with the same healthy and nutritious benefits. For every cup of rye flour, substitute ¼ cup of chia flour and ¾ cup of water. The mix will be thicker than rye flour, so add the water slowly to avoid clumping.

7. Corn Flour

The main difference between corn flour and rye flour is its lack of nutrients with higher caloric value. Unlike rye flour, there is very little protein and vitamins in corn flour.

Despite this lack of nutrients, corn flour is an excellent gluten-free rye flour substitute. 

Corn flour is best used in cookies and cakes, but can also be substituted in more savory products.

8. Amaranth Flour

Packing a higher nutritional punch than rye, amaranth flour is a gluten-free rye flour substitute. 

Like other gluten-free alternatives, recipes such as pastries will achieve the same dense texture as with rye flour, and a similar flavor, but recipes that need to rise will have to be mixed with another gluten-containing flour.

You also may need to add more liquid to your recipe as amaranth flour absorbs more than your rye flour. 

9. Oat Flour

Oat flour with its similar characteristics and nutritional content to rye flour makes it a good alternative to rye flour

So good, in fact, you can swap oat flour for rye flour in most recipes. Like rye flour, oat flour does contain gluten.

10. Soya Flour

Obvious in its name, soya flour is made by grinding dried soybeans. With high nutritional yields much like rye flour, it’s a high protein and fiber substitute for rye flour. The bonus is, it’s also low in carbohydrates. 

Lacking gluten, for baking purposes you’ll need to combine soy flour with another alternative to achieve the proper rise and density of rye flour. Add a ¼ ratio of gluten-containing flour to every ¾ part of soya flour to achieve similar results. 

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11. Teff Flour

Another gluten-free rye flour substitute is made from finely ground teff seeds.

Being high in fiber and protein, teff flour provides many of the same benefits as rye flour, including a nutty and slightly sweet flavor. 

When using teff flour as a rye flour substitute, it’s important to remember that teff is denser. Use less teff flour and add extra time to baking. 

12. Almond Flour

Another gluten-free alternative and sometimes considered the best rye flour substitute, almond flour is a great baking alternative. 

It’s great for anyone trying to stick to a gluten-free or ketogenic diet. 

While almond flour is usually more expensive than rye flour, it still provides the same nutritional boost compared to regular wheat flours. 


Can rye bread be made without rye flour?

Neither all-purpose flour nor bread flour will match the same density and flavor that rye flour provides rye bread. Using some of the above substitutes, like whole wheat flour, may come close. You can experiment with different mixes to see if you can match the same nutty flavor and density. 

Is rye bread okay for diabetics?

When compared with regular white bread, rye bread has benefits that may help with blood sugar stabilization if you conduct a quick internet search. 

Research studies, however, have found inconsistent results. While rye products seem to satiate hunger better, they did show more of an insulin response compared to other types of bread. 

Is rye flour inflammatory?

Rye’s high fiber content makes it an anti-inflammatory food. Whole grain rye has lower inflammatory biomarker concentration than refined wheat.

To End

Rye flour is a delicious and healthy flour that can be used in many different types of recipes. It provides you with a more robust, flavorful taste than your average wheat flour.

It’s also very nutritious and packed with B vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

While substituting rye flour with any of the above options is not always as simple as a quick swap, there are many combinations to provide you with the same density and robust flavor that your rye flour puts into your baking and cooking.