Substitutes For Cilantro In Guacamole

Cilantro is an excellent addition to a plate of fresh guacamole, but sometimes you don’t have the time to run to the store and grab some before making a bowl. Maybe a member of your party is a dedicated member of the cilantro haters brigade. Luckily, there are many alternatives to cilantro that we can use to have the same satisfying freshness.

You can substitute cilantro with other herbs including parsley, dill, chervil, chives, and mint leaves. Other options include lemon or lime juice, green onions, and jalapeno seeds.

Herbs to Substitute for Cilantro


One of the most underrated substitutes for cilantro is parsley. Extremely similar in texture and taste, parsley also compliments the lemon or lime that you may use for an extra burst of freshness. This works perfectly for people who hate cilantro because it doesn’t trigger the genetic component of the “soap” gene.

Parsley is slightly more bitter than cilantro, so you should balance that out with other factors such as sweet bell pepper. If the bitterness is something that you can’t handle in the guacamole, you can cancel it out with an unexpected ingredient: baking soda.


If you’re willing to sacrifice the look and texture of fresh parsley, using a little bit of dill might surprise you.  It’s potent, giving the similar kick that cilantro does. This is only recommended if you use a pinch and mix well, however. It’s also better to grind the dill beforehand so that it equally distributes throughout the guacamole. 

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While this probably isn’t in your kitchen on a regular basis, Chervil is a good substitute for cilantro, especially in the texture and looks isle. In terms of flavor, it does not have the same kick as cilantro, but putting something slightly spicy in to add that makes for amazing guacamole.


Chives do not resemble cilantro and give a much fresher kick to the guacamole that you’re preparing. Chives are rich nutritionally and are a great way to make your guacamole a bit more flavorful. Many places around the world prefer chives to cilantro, so using it as a substitute can be considered a world tour of guacamole.

But if you’re not sold on any of these methods, there are many other options outside of herbs that can act as a substitute or a replacement for cilantro in guacamole.

Mint Leaves

While this may be a shock, mint leaves are actually the perfect addition to fresh guacamole in moderation. A little bit of mint goes a long way, and if used correctly, can contribute to the fresh flavor that we all crave.

Other Replacements For Cilantro

Lemon And Lime Juice

As shown on the hit show Queer Eye, Lemon and lime juice is often the perfect substitute for some missing freshness in your guacamole. If you prefer your guacamole smooth, adding a bit of lemon or lime juice will provide the same flavor effect as cilantro without the texture.

Another plus of lemon and lime juice is that if you’re reusing the guacamole for another event, it places the freshness back in. It revitalizes the guacamole, making it taste as if you just made it.

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Green Onions

Green onions can make the perfect addition to store-bought guacamole to make it fresh. Cilantro has a very distinct taste, so someone who doesn’t like cilantro wouldn’t be averse to this addition on the grounds of texture or flavor. Another amazing thing about green onion is that you can reuse it as a garnish for many other dishes, making it a multipurpose ingredient.

Jalapeño Or Serrano Seeds

If you’re looking for freshness, you can play on human psychology to do the work for you. It is very easy for the human brain to mistake freshness for spice, meaning that adding a subtle kick can make for a surprisingly good guacamole. Scoop out jalapeno or serrano seeds, and mix them in.

Make sure that you don’t mix in too much though, as the number of seeds determines how spicy the guacamole will end up being.

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