8 Substitutes for Cream of Potato Soup

There’s almost no greater pleasure in life than curling up with a big hearty bowl of cream of potato soup.

However, if you’re lacking in spuds or looking for a more nutritious or low-carb alternative, you have options. Other root vegetables such as Rutabaga, Yuca, and Jicama are perfect for taste and texture in any dish.

These options are no less tasty and creamy and will be a perfect addition to your soup recipes.

1. Rutabaga

Another root vegetable, just like the potato. 

Rutabaga are packed full of antioxidants, fiber, and tons of vitamins. Not only that, but rutabaga help decrease inflammation – which is important for overall bodily health.

If you’re looking for a slightly lower-carb starch option, rutabaga would be a fantastic choice. It’s rich, creamy, and downright tasty.

2. Cauliflower

Cauliflower may look like broccoli, but it’s far more versatile than its green cousin.

Low in carbs, rich in nutrients, and incredibly easy to prepare – the cauliflower is an amazing substitute for potatoes in almost every recipe that calls for them.

If you’re dieting, but love a good mashed spud, look no further than the cauliflower. Low fat, low carb, low calorie, and packed to bursting with fiber and minerals.

3. Yuca

Yuca, also called cassava, is another root vegetable typically found in parts of Asia, Africa, Polynesia, and Brazil.

As a root vegetable, it’s very similar in properties to the potato, however, Yuca is far more starchy and dense, making it the perfect choice for a thick and creamy soup.

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4. Sweet potatoes

Hold your horses! Not all potatoes are made equal.

The humble sweet potato, often referred to as a yam, is far more nutritious and healthy than regular spuds. 

They can be made into many different types of recipes and candies, but it also works well in soups and chowders. 

If you’re looking for a sweeter dish, definitely give the sweet potato a go. A slightly sweet flavor is added, alongside those vitamins. It pairs incredibly well with many types of vegetables too, so be creative.

5. Jicama

Yet another root vegetable makes its way onto this list, and with good reason. 

Jicama has a sweet and nutty flavor with a fantastic crunch. That mild flavor makes it a good substitute for potatoes in any dish. 

Just like cauliflower, Jicama is very low in carbs and calories.

The similar texture to potatoes makes it ideal as a substitute, especially in soups.

6. Taro

A lesser-known root vegetable, Taro has been a typical staple in dishes across Asia and Polynesia. 

It can be eaten in many forms, and along with the vegetable itself, the stem can also be eaten.

Taro is as versatile as the potato itself, and will fill any potato or starchy need a dish requires.

7. Turnips

A great choice, most people wouldn’t think of.

Ideal in soups, turnips have a great taste and amazing crunch. They can be mashed, added to soups and stews for thickening, chopped up, and fried.

Because it holds its shape very well after being prepared, turnips make an amazing choice to substitute for potatoes. As both are roots, it won’t be too far removed an experience and can match the texture and natural taste of potato.

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8. Butternut Squash

Finally, the humble squash. There are tons of different varieties of squash out there; acorn, kombucha, pumpkins. But for the sake of a potato substitute, the butternut squash is where it’s at.

Versatile, tasty, and flavorful, with a silky texture and smooth delicious taste, you can’t go wrong with butternut squash. 

The taste won’t be near the same, but if you’re creative there are dozens of recipes you could try with this squash.

In conclusion

There are many options for those wanting a little variety from their starches. 

From low calorie and carb options like the cauliflower and taro, to the rich flavor of the turnip or butternut squash – there are many choices and something out there for everyone.