8 of the Top Corn Oil Substitutes

Oil is in almost every meal. When we think of our favorite dishes, one of the ingredients will probably be some type of oil. Cooking oil is consumed by everyone in the world, and it provides you with vitamins and healthy fats that keep us alive. 

But what are the best substitutes for corn oil? While most oils are interchangeable, they all have different specifications. Some oils have higher smoke points, flavors, and vitamins.

Keep reading to see how many varieties of oil there are that can be interchanged. Below we will look at the top substitutions for corn oil.

1. Peanut Oil

Peanut is a great corn oil substitute. The flavor of peanut oil is robust. And it provides you with vitamin E and healthy fats.

It is a good oil for frying foods, such as chicken tenders and French fries. Peanut oil has a smoke point of 437 degrees, which is perfect for your deep frying needs.

2. Canola Oil

Canola oil is widely used around the world. It provides you with omega-3 fatty acids, alpha-linolenic acid, and vitamins E and K.

Canola oil is made from crushed canola seeds and is great for sautéing vegetables, stir-frying rice, grilling meat, and baking sweet treats. You can even use it as a dressing for salads.

3. Olive Oil

Olive oil is a very popular oil choice and is in most American pantries. Olive oil has a mild flavor and can vary depending on production. It is widely used for frying, baking, and salad dressings. 

Olive oil has many variations and price ranges. You can choose from cold-pressed oil which will enhance the flavor. Or extra virgin olive oil which is not best when heated too high. 

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4. Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is used widely in Asian cuisine. It is made from sesame seeds and has a flavor to match. A properly made sesame oil will be a little more expensive than your typical vegetable oil. 

Sesame oil should be consumed with caution. If you have a nut allergy, it may be possible for you to be allergic to sesame oil as well. 

5. Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is not as commonly used as some of the other oils. It contains a large amount of vitamin E and also has monounsaturated fats. 

It is great for fried foods due to its 450-degree smoke point. Try using it for your next sautéed dish.

6. Soybean Oil

Soybean oil is the most used oil in the world, it is made using the seeds of the soybean. It is not as nutritious as other oils and has 16 grams of saturated fat.

Soybean oil has a cheap price tag and a smoke point of 495 degrees which is why most people choose to fry their foods with this oil. 

7. Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is one of the most expensive oils. But with the extra price, comes extra benefits. Avocado oil is full of monounsaturated fats and contains vitamin E.

The smoke point for avocado oil is 482 degrees and is great for high heat cooking. 

8. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a tasty tropical oil. It contains medium-chain fatty acids which are healthy for our hearts and bodies. 

Coconut oil is perfect for smoothies and an additive to warm drinks such as coffee or hot cocoa. You can also use it for frying and baking.

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Choose The Oil For You

There are many types of cooking oils. They all have full flavors that help enhance your meals. Depending on what you are cooking you can choose an oil, based on its smoke point to eliminate burning or scorching your food.