Can You Eat Turkey Bacon Raw?

Turkey bacon is considered one of the best alternatives to the traditional pork bacon. It is a great alternative for those who are looking to lower the calorie intake of their diet as well as those who want bacon but abstain from pork. With many different methods for preparing and serving turkey bacon, it makes one wonder if you can eat turkey bacon raw.

It is safe to eat turkey bacon raw as it has already been cured and had to go through different processes to reach the state it is in. However, it is always best to do the safe option and cook your turkey bacon before you eat it.

Continue reading to learn what turkey bacon is and whether or not it is really safe to eat turkey bacon raw. You can also learn how to properly cook turkey bacon.

What Is Turkey Bacon?

Turkey bacon is made from the chopped parts of turkey lunch meat and skin. These parts are then pressed into a shape that makes it look similar to traditional pork bacon. The meat is taken through a curing process that helps to prepare it to be sold.

Turkey bacon tends to be less fatty and less greasy when compared to uncured bacon. This makes turkey bacon a healthier option to consume.

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Is It Safe to Eat Raw Turkey Bacon?

Raw turkey bacon is safe to be eaten. Although it is considered raw, turkey bacon goes through a process of curing and smoking before it is sold, so it is considered safe for consumption without cooking it further.

It is always best to check the packaging of the turkey bacon before you consume it. This will let you know if the turkey bacon is safe to eat without cooking or if it needs to be cooked first in order for you to not fall ill.

What are the Effects of Eating Raw Turkey Bacon?

Despite being known as a healthier alternative to traditional, uncured, pork bacon, eating raw turkey bacon has both its benefits and its downsides.

Benefits of Eating Raw Turkey Bacon

One of the biggest benefits of eating raw turkey bacon is that it contains fewer calories when compared to traditional pork bacon. It is also a good option for those who do not eat pork, especially when it comes to breakfast foods as most breakfast meats are made from pork.

Downsides to Eating Raw Turkey Bacon

There are many downsides to eating raw turkey bacon. Raw turkey bacon contains more carbohydrates and less protein compared to pork bacon. It also has a high sodium level and contains a lot of sugars.

Raw turkey bacon also contains harmful chemical preservatives and should be eaten in moderation because it is a processed meat product. You could also still contract food poisoning if the turkey bacon you have is not labeled as safe to eat when it is raw.

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How Do You Properly Cook Raw Turkey Bacon?

Even though you can eat turkey bacon raw, it is still best to cook it properly before consumption to ensure you do not contract food poisoning or other diseases that can come with eating uncooked meats.

There are three main processes you can take to cook turkey bacon. These three are oven cooking, frying, and microwaving.

Oven Cooking

This is a simple and easy method of cooking bacon. To cook the bacon using an oven, you first want to line a baking tray with a baking sheet. You then want to place the number of bacon strips you want to cook into the oven. Set the oven to the temperature and time you need to cook the bacon according to the packaging.

You placed the bacon in the oven and let it cook. Once the bacon is cooked, it should be crispy and ready to eat.


Frying is the most common way to cook bacon. All you need to fry bacon is a frying pan, oil, and the bacon.

First, put the oil into the frying pan and turn the heat on to medium-high. Once the oil begins to bubble, use a pair of tongs to place the strips of bacon into the oil. Once the bacon is brown and crispy, it can be removed from the oil and is ready to eat.


Surprisingly, microwaving is another easy and great way to cook turkey bacon. First, you want to place some paper towels onto the plate you will use and place the bacon on top of the paper towels. You then want to cover the bacon with more paper towels and continue this process for the number of bacon you want to cook.

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You then want to put the turkey bacon into the microwave for about a minute and a half on the highest setting. You can also find instructions for the timing on the packaging of the turkey bacon. Once it is finished, it should be crispy and ready to eat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if turkey bacon is cooked?

The best way to tell if turkey bacon is cooked is to check and see if the bacon is brown and crispy. This is the sign that the bacon is finished cooking.

What does uncooked turkey bacon look like?

Uncooked turkey bacon looks similar to regular bacon. It will look somewhat raw, but you will notice that it is slightly light pink.

What is healthier between turkey bacon and regular bacon?

Turkey bacon is considered to be healthier than regular bacon. This is because turkey bacon has less fat and less grease than regular bacon.


You can eat raw turkey bacon, but it is not recommended. It is best to cook your bacon using either an oven, a microwave, or by frying the bacon. It can be safe to eat raw bacon as it has been cured and processed, but it is best to look at the packaging in order to determine if you should eat the turkey bacon raw or not.