Vegan Wonton Wrappers vs Regular

Wontons and their wrappers are traditionally not ever vegan. Wonton wrappers usually contain eggs, and meat will be stuffed inside them. However, with the rising popularity of people adopting dairy-free and completely vegan diets, vegan wonton wrappers do exist. 

Once made, wontons last three to four days in the refrigerator and can also be easily reheated.

So, when making vegan wontons or egg rolls, the key difference is that there will be no meat or egg. Many people argue that you won’t miss either and you can substitute other ingredients to compensate for the flavor. Vegan wonton wrappers are almost as readily available at grocery stores as regular wonton wrappers are.

Vegan Wonton Wrappers

Eating a vegan diet means taking some extra steps to get the food you want. It doesn’t always mean you have to miss out on delicious foods, just that you might need to get more creative than you would’ve sticking with a traditional diet full of meat and dairy. Vegan wonton wrappers are available at some regular grocery stores, and you can even replace them entirely for something else.

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Many people agree that vegan wonton wrappers don’t taste very different from the real thing. Obviously, they don’t have any eggs in them, which is compensated for with rice and extra wheat flour. In the wrappers, eggs are more of a binding ingredient and less for flavor.

If you can’t find any vegan wonton wrappers, plain spring roll wrappers or egg roll wrappers are usually vegan. They are made from flour, salt, water, and sometimes coconut oil, and can work just as well as wonton wrappers. Some people also like to use tortillas as a replacement for wonton wrappers for some added texture.

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Regular Wonton Wrappers

Regular wonton wrappers have the exact same ingredients as vegan ones, only they also have eggs. Vegan wonton wrappers also have some extra flour to keep the consistency. There is little to no difference in the taste of regular and vegan wonton wrappers, as the recipes for both are fairly simple.

The taste of any wonton wrapper is pretty mild, and sometimes a little sweet. Because of their versatility, they are an inclusion in many other recipes than just wontons. This can include salads, pizza, ravioli, and more. 

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For vegans, there are plenty of other options than using traditional wonton wrappers. Vegan wonton wrappers exist, and they can also be substituted for spring or egg roll wrappers, which are oftentimes already vegan. Vegan wonton wrappers have an extremely similar taste and texture to regular ones, it might even be difficult for a casual wonton eater to tell the difference.