What Do Quail Eggs Taste Like?

Quail eggs are one of the most well known types of eggs, aside from the standard chicken. Many people have heard of them, but not many may have tasted them. 

Known for being adorably tiny, what does a quail egg taste like? Are they worth stocking up on when you want to find a substitute for eggs in your favorite dish? 

These miniscule eggs may be short on size, but they are big on flavor. In cooking, they can be used interchangeably with chicken eggs, albeit at a cost of reduced size. Their taste is rich, and very similar to what you may be expecting from an egg. 

What Do Quail Eggs Taste Like? 

With quails being relatively easy birds to care for, more backyard farmers are turning to these smaller fowl to produce their eggs. Quail eggs are also perfect for those who are allergic to chicken eggs.

Quail eggs are much higher in cholesterol than chicken eggs. This is something to consider if you are watching your levels. Just because they are much smaller in size does not mean they are always necessarily healthier for you.

Quail eggs are also slightly more expensive. While this is highly dependent on location, a dozen quail eggs May fetch you as high as $10 for the package. While that is on a higher end, you will still find that they cost three to five dollars a pack. 

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You may, if you know where to look, be able to find pre-packaged canned quail eggs. These will be cheaper, but lower in quality. They may already be peeled when found in a can.


There’s a common misconception that quail eggs have a bizarre, unique taste, entirely different from chicken counterparts. However, much like duck eggs, this is untrue.

Quail eggs taste very much like chicken eggs. The general consensus agrees that they are a little bit richer. The creaminess rests well on the tongue, and it has a texture that slightly pops when bit into. Note that what your quail eats will have a deciding factor on what the final egg tastes like. A quail that mostly eats bugs and plants will produce a different tasting egg to one that eats a commercial diet.

Quail meat is sometimes known for being gamey. However, the eggs are not prone to this at all. The most significant difference between a quail egg and a chicken egg is not the taste, rather in consistency. 


Quail eggs are delightfully thick and creamy. They have a considerably high yolk to egg white ratio. That means that creamy yolk is present in every bite of these tiny treats. They are lighter in flavor than duck eggs, however, but much creamier than chicken. 

A scrambled egg made with quail may have a slightly richer texture to it. You will note the creaminess, and a possible slight change in color. This is because the aforementioned yoke to white ratio is changing the overall makeup of your morning scramble. 

In Cooking 

Quail eggs will cook up exactly the same as a chicken egg. The only thing that must be kept in mind is their minute size. That reduced stature will affect cooking times, and how much you will need to equal one egg. For example, quail eggs will only take 3 to 4 minutes to hard boil to doneness. 

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A quail egg can, essentially, be used in all the same ways as a chicken egg. It can be hard boiled, baked with, fried, pickled, or anything else you can dream of to do with an egg.

Pickled Quail Eggs 

Pickling quail eggs makes for an ideal bite sized snack. They’re pickled in vinegar or a spiced brine and left to sit for some time. 

This imparts a sour, fermented taste that still holds the idyllic creaminess of the egg itself. Spices will go to work making the flavors burst and stand out on the tongue. Use pickled quail eggs when you want to make an impression on a charcuterie board or breakfast spread. 


If you are looking for a new ingredient to shake up your hot pot plate, use it as an alternative to cooking with eggs, or are interested in farming your own eggs, quail is a wonderful choice. The eggs, though they are small, taste more or less exactly the same as a chicken egg. You will find that they are richer, and have a much higher yoke ratio.

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