What Does Elephant Taste Like?

It’s an unlikely feature on a restaurant menu, but they’re too big to ignore without wondering how one would taste. Its hunting or importing is more or less legally forbidden, especially if you live in North America or Europe. However, humans have a long history with elephant meat, so learning about the taste isn’t entirely out of place. 

Elephant meat is denser and more fibrous than beef or venison, making it tougher to chew. It has a uniquely peculiar flavor, loosely comparable to that of pork meat. It’s often seasoned and served with a sauce to make it more palatable.

Some people still eat elephant meat in parts of Asia and Africa, but the practice is largely illegal. For this reason, sourcing for one may not be a good idea for you. However, the following details about elephant taste are good information you can read in exchange. 

What Elephant Meat Tastes Like

Interestingly, elephant meat is also often referred to as bushmeat, especially in parts of Africa where they’re still a delicacy. That’s where most of the similarities end, though, because elephant meat doesn’t quite taste like anything else.

First off, the meat is extremely tough, so much so that some people described it as very rubbery in texture. So even if it’s widely available, you probably won’t be a big fan if you’re more into tender meat types like bacon.

The consensus is surprisingly mixed concerning taste. Many Africans and lawmakers like Robert Borsak will tell you that the meat is delicious and like venison. However, other reports show that the meat was coarse and oily to taste. On the other hand, if you love tougher-textured meat like jerkies, you might also like this.

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There is a much better consensus on the flavor of elephant meat. The exotic meat flavor is largely agreed on as closer to a mix of pork and beef than anything else.

Is Elephant Meat Good for You?

Should you be eating elephant meat if the taste and legal shenanigans weren’t a part of the equation? The answer lies in the nutritional profile of the animal’s meat. 

It is generally believed to be lean meat with relatively lower fat content than red meats like pork or lamb. It’s also low in cholesterol and contains iron and protein. So while you likely won’t be eating some, It’s interesting to see how healthy it was for early humans in this light.

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Final Thoughts

It’s clear that elephant meat isn’t a common delicacy in the US. Its consumption is also slowly declining in other parts of Africa and Asia. While the meat is generally healthy and of good taste, it’s considered one of the endangered species on the planet.

Hopefully, you’ve learned a little more about elephants regarding their taste and flavor experience. However, the animal is best appreciated for its other qualities, and there’s plenty of that to enjoy.