What Does Mahi Mahi Taste Like?

Once referred to as a dolphinfish, mahi mahi had a hard time taking off. Generally, people don’t want to eat dolphins. However, once rebranded, mahi mahi is now one of the most popular fish to eat. 

For a fish with a name that means very strong, mahi mahi has a very mild flavor. It does taste like a fish, but it doesn’t taste fishy. It has a slightly sweet flavor and is generally fairly firm and moist with large flakes.

Mahi mahi has a less fishy taste and mild sweetness, compared to other fish. This makes it an ideal dish for people who aren’t sure if they like seafood. However, they can sometimes taste faintly of crawfish, a large part of their diet.

The Texture of Mahi Mahi

The texture of mahi mahi differs from other fish fillets such as tuna or halibut. It has a fairly firm flesh that becomes beautifully moist and flaky when cooked. Talking about Mahi Mahi, it doesn’t last as long as tuna lasts in the fridge.

Unlike some other fish that are rich, oily, and fatty, mahi mahi is very light and delicate, but moist. However, the skin is very thick and not enjoyable. It’s best to remove it before cooking, unlike salmon, flounder, or snapper.

How to Eat Mahi Mahi 

Mahi mahi can be cooked in a variety of ways. It’s very versatile, easy to cook, and fairly forgiving. However, like other meats and fish with low-fat contents, it’s easy to overcook and dry the mahi mahi out.

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In addition, mahi mahi can also be eaten raw and is popular in various types of sushi and sashimi. Talking about sushi learn how to reheat sushi without damaging the taste..


While many fish are difficult to grill because they tend to fall apart, grilling is an excellent choice for mahi mahi. The fish stays together beautifully and absorbs a nice smoky flavor from the charcoal.


Poaching is really just a fancy way of saying, I cooked this in a liquid.

It may sound difficult and exotic, but poaching is a great way to cook foods and keep their textures, flavors, and moisture intact.

This works particularly well with mahi mahi, as it’s a fish with very little fat.  This makes it easy to overcook and dry it out. 

By cooking it in a liquid, it allows it to not only retain its moisture. In addition, it also absorbs the flavor of the liquid it was cooked in. This is a great way to add flavor to your mahi mahi while making sure it stays moist and juicy.


Another popular way to eat mahi mahi is raw. However, if you’re going to eat raw mahi mahi, make sure it’s sushi grade. This means the fish has been specially prepared to be eaten raw.

Raw mahi mahi will be fairly firm in texture with a slight fish flavor, which is close to the taste of seawater. In addition, you’ll get a slight hint of sweetness in the fish.

In Summary

Unlike other fish, mahi mahi is only mildly fishy in flavor. It has a hint of sweetness as well. In addition, it’s light and delicate, but very moist and flaky.

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While easy to cook, just be sure not to overcook.  With little fat on it, your mahi mahi will end up dry, tasteless, and rubbery.