What Does Monster Taste Like?

Monster is an energy drink that’s in direct competition with Red Bull. With 34 different flavors, there’s something for everyone.

The original flavor tastes like a sweet, fizzy apple juice. However, it has a texture that is more like syrupy soda than juice. Unlike some other energy drinks, the original Monster does not have an aftertaste.

Similar to Red Bull, the original Monster does not have a flavor attached to it. It’s simply referred to as Original. However, several of the other flavors are also nameless and are often referred to by the color of their labels.

Other Popular Flavors

While the original Monster tends to be the most popular flavor, others are high on the sales list. Let’s see how the flavors of other Monster drinks compare to the taste of Original.

Zero Ultra

Also known as ‘The White Monster,’ Zero Ultra claims to have a light refreshing citrus flavor. However, like the original Monster, it tends to actually have more of an apple flavor, although it is less intense. 


This drink comes in a black can with a blue ‘M.’ It claims to taste sweet and salty, but is more sharp and tart than salty. Although the flavor is not unpleasant, it’s just misrepresented.

Rehab Tea + Lemonade

This Monster tastes exactly like what it is. It’s iced tea mixed with lemonade, and it tastes like it. It also has a nice smooth consistency as there is no carbonation.

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Papillion is part of Monster’s juice line. Like the Tea + Lemonade, it has no carbonation.

It has a crisp, fruit flavor that is similar to guava. It’s not overly sweet and is refreshing.

Pipeline Punch

This is another from Monster’s juice line. It has a blend of citrus and tropical flavors with standouts of grapefruit, guava, and passion fruit.


This comes in the camouflage can with the red ‘M’ on it. 

The ‘classic’ Assault was something like a fruit punch flavored beverage. However, they recently changed the formula and it’s now more akin to a flat, spiceless cherry-flavored Coke.

Java Monster

In addition to energy drinks and juices, Monster also has energy coffee beverages. With ten different flavors, they now have more java drinks than juice or tea combined. However, we’ll just talk about a few of the more popular flavors.

Mean Bean

This is a sweet, almost cloyingly so, creamy drink. It has a mild vanilla flavor, but it does have a bit of an odd aftertaste.

This tastes similar to an iced coffee.

Kona Blend

This is Moster’s chocolate version of Mean Bean. It has a strong chocolate flavor. It both tastes like and has the consistency of chocolate milk.

While this is smooth and enjoyable, there is very little coffee flavor here.

Irish Blend

Irish Blend, similar to Mean Bean, is almost sickeningly sweet. It has a flavor that tastes like candy, so if you like super sweet, this is the way to go. 

This is very creamy with almost no coffee taste.

To Sum Up

Like some other energy drinks, the flavors of Monster tend to be a bit of a mystery. However, the original flavor tends to taste like sweet, fizzy apple juice.

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If you want something that is less sweet, try Papillon, it’s a nice refreshing blend of iced tea and lemonade. However, if you’re after something sweet, try a Java Monster. Both the Mean Bean and Irish Blend are cloyingly sweet.