What Does Oat Milk Taste Like?

Cows and people are not the only things that produce ‘milk.’ Many grains and some vegetables can be “milked” or in some cases simply squeezed of their liquids to produce a drink. In the case of oat milk, you could probably guess that oat milk comes from oats.

Beverage drinkers can be skeptical of new kinds. Most people were raised on cow milk and are used to a friendly jug of milk, often with a picture of a cow on it – some might even be organic or talk about the use of antibiotics. Oak milk takes a different approach, and a slightly different taste.

Oat milk tastes very similar to regular cow milk, only with an oat aftertaste. You’ll see more notable differences in the appearance of oat milk than in the taste. We will explain more below.

Oat milk tastes a little sweeter

Oats have natural sugars built in. These are great, and are generally better for you than the sweeteners put in some milk. The difference is that since the sugars are natural, they are not super sweet. The sugars are simple and broken down into carbohydrates. 

Your kids might notice the difference and think that oat milk is sweet in a different way.

One serving suggestion is to serve oat milk with oat cereal. You’ll taste a sweet, oaty flavor without eating a whole bowl of oatmeal. Talking about oatmeal, learn how to reheat oatmeal.. It’s also better for you than most instant oatmeals as all the flavors are natural.

You should also be watchful for added sugars to your oat milk. The oats themselves have enough carbohydrates and natural sugar and probably won’t need any sweeteners.

Textures of oat milk

The texture can vary quite a bit based on how the milk was processed. Oats need to be broken down heavily to make for a good milk, Oat milk can look very thin when poured out of the carton. These are usually broken down the most and represent the least fat content.

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Otherwise, oat milk potentially has a slightly, and we mean very slightly grainy texture. Millk is typically very smooth because it’s literally the liquid of a cow. A million pieces of oat were broken down for a carton of oak – though we didn’t actually count the number.

Oat milk can also be a bit thicker than regular skim milk. In some cases, oat milk can appear to be thinner, in part because it tends to have a light brownish color. As a white drink, traditionally milk is normally opaque- or you can’t see through it.

Oat milk can be creamier without being fatty, too. The oats themselves produce the creaminess.

Of note, oat milk does not have the same flavor or texture say soy milk, almond milk or other plant or nut based milk. They are often quite thin, which isn’t a bad thing.

A person who drinks 2% or whole milk might think that oat milk tastes thin by comparison because those kinds of milk leave fat in. Oat milk itself varies in thickness based on it’s processing, added fat, and minerals.

Oat milk flavor

Oat milk does indeed taste like oats. If you like the taste of oats or oatmeal, you’ll really enjoy this flavor. A good way to describe the actual taste of typical oat milk is slightly nuttier than regular cow’s milk. Some more neutral flavors of oat millk are often used to make coffees because they steam well and don’t add much actual sweetness to the coffee drink. They also make great coffee creamer when you want naturally sweet without adding a half a bottle of creamer.

With added sugar, oat milk is a bit sweeter of course.

What is oat milk good in?

We are going to say “everything” since oat milk could be used as a drink in general or be an addition, but let’s be a bit more direct here.

Oat milk makes a great addition to coffee as a creamer (as mentioned above), a cream for tea, and addition to soups to make them a bit thicker. 

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Aside from recipes, oat milk is also good for people who need lots of carbs. Oats are the basis for carbohydrates and can provide plenty of energy for athletes like runners. People who are avoiding carbs should certainly avoid oat milk.

Is oat milk good for people with allergies?

Oat milk’s taste and texture aren’t its only feature. Are you lactose sensitive or allergic to nuts? Then dairy milk is not made for you, nor is almond milk. Oat milk is a great alternative instead.

Grocery dairy cases now tend to have oat milk, rice milk, and almond milk for those who prefer different flavors and have dietary preferences. 

The ability to process rice, almonds, and oats are what led to innovations in creating different kinds of “milk.” The term milk itself is a loose association with the byproduct of an animal, vegetable, or nut.

What color is oat milk?

Oat milk often has a different color than your traditional white milk. It can have various shades of light brown and could be as dark as a light roast coffee.

The brown reflects the oats themselves being present in your drink.


Oat milk is a fantastic drink for a slightly different flavor than regular cow milk. Your perspective on the creaminess, texture, and flavor of the millk might depend on how you like your milk, and what kind of dairy milk you drank. 

The best part of oat milk is that like dairy milk, the flavor and texture can vary from brand to brand. If you don’t like one, try another and you might find a fit for your uses or palette. 

People who are allergic to lactose will find oat milk especially helpful, as the taste is close to traditional milk and can be used in many of the same recipes and purposes.