What Does Ramen With Egg Taste Like?

Ramen is a staple dish in many cultures and among many people. For college students, the cheap instant ramen bought from the store is a common meal. In Asian countries, ramen is a warm and plentiful dish with a variety of vegetables and protein options. 

Speaking of protein options, a commonly added ingredient in ramen is eggs. Some crack the egg right into the broth and allow it to mix with the ramen. Others may add a hard-boiled or a soft-boiled egg to the ramen. No matter how it is added, egg oftentimes changes the flavor of the ramen dish. 

Adding eggs gives the ramen a more savory and salty flavor. It pairs well with many vegetables and can give the broth a creamier taste. 

What Does Eggs Add to Ramen

If the egg yolk isn’t completely cooked when adding it to the ramen, it can be mixed with the rest of the broth. This changes the flavor of the dish to give it a salty-sweet and savory flavor. 

In fact, eggs are such a ramen staple that there are recipes for making eggs specifically for ramen. This preparation adds spices and soy sauce to the egg while boiling. This kind of egg is also boiled for a shorter amount of time to give a runny yolk and soft whites. Making the egg softer makes it easier to break apart in the ramen to take a bite. 

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Added Texture

If the yolk of the egg is runny, it changes the overall texture of the broth. It doesn’t make the broth super creamy but does make it slightly thicker. If the yolk is cooked all the way, it doesn’t add to the overall texture but the crumbles give a specific bite a softer texture. 

Added Smell

Depending on how the egg is prepared, it can give a different smell to the ramen. Just adding a plain egg to the ramen won’t change the smell too much other than giving a traditional eggy smell. However, if prepared with other spices or soy sauce, an added salty and spicy smell will be added to the dish.

Overall, you will taste the egg more than smell it.

Different Ways to Add Eggs to Your Ramen

There are many different ways you can add eggs to your ramen to improve the taste. Adding soft-boiled eggs has already been discussed, but there are other ways too.

  • Adding specific ramen eggs made with spices (Ajitsuke Tamago)
  • Adding a fried egg
  • Soft/hard-boiled
  • Poached egg
  • Drop-in egg (a mix of scrambled and fried)

Final Thoughts

If you want to change up your ramen and add something new, eggs are a great way to enhance the dish. Eggs can be added to both instant ramen and homemade ramen. Eggs enhance any kind of ramen.

Since eggs pair well with many vegetables and meats, eggs can be added to almost any style of ramen. The taste of eggs can change with how you prepare them which gives even more variety to the dish. 

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If you like eggs and you ramen, give your dish a more savory and salty taste by adding eggs to the list of ramen ingredients.