What Does Sugar-Free Chocolate Taste Like?

With diet plans like the Keto diet and Intermittent Fasting on the rise, it’s no secret sugar-free chocolate is taking the spotlight. Finding new ways to cut calories without cutting taste is something chocolate companies like Hershey’s and Reese’s are taking on as a challenge. 

To meet the increasing demand for sugar-free chocolates and treats, companies are replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners. With this new replacement ingredient, what does sugar-free chocolate taste like?

Sugar free chocolate tastes almost exactly like chocolate. The only real difference is the slight aftertaste, how it melts, and if you eat too much of it, you may upset your stomach. In moderation, it is a perfect substitute for regular chocolate. 


The Initial Impression

After taking the initial bite of a zero sugar milk chocolate bar, there didn’t seem to be any significant difference. The chocolate was smooth and still satisfyingly sweet and had the classic Hershey’s milk chocolate taste. There was no chemical flavor when you first ate it as there is with many other sugar-free candies and sweets. With the first bite, you’ll be impressed. 

The Aftertaste

While the initial taste was pleasant and properly mirrored what you’d expect from a typical Hershey’s bar, the aftertaste left something to be desired. The creamy cocoa flavor faded away quickly, leaving a somewhat bitter, chemical-like taste. 

So in the end, you’re still going to get a little bit of that fake-food type of flavor. If you’re looking for a good chocolate replacement, sugar-free chocolate will do the job… as long as you don’t stop eating it.

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You will not be disappointed by sugar-free chocolate when it comes to the creaminess. To supplement decreased or replaced sugar in sweet foods, many companies will add more fat or dairy. This is certainly the case with most sugar-free chocolates. 

If you’re looking to snack on creamy candy, sugar-free chocolate is your best option. It’s even better than the regular stuff!


Naturally, creamier chocolate warrants a softer bar. Biting into a sugar-free chocolate bar or chocolate-based candy will feel as smooth as butter. It’s easy to bite into and nice on the teeth and jaw. Whether that’s something you’re looking for in a chocolate bar is entirely up to you.

The Uses of Sugar-Free Chocolate


A good chocolate chip cookie needs the perfect semi-sweet chip. It needs to melt well, smell great, and taste even better. While the smell and taste are the same for a sugar-free chocolate chip, the melt-factor is certainly lacking. You’ll want to heat the chips for 5-7 seconds in the microwave before mixing them in to help them melt in better. If you’re still not sure about substituting sugar-free chocolate chips for regular ones, there are plenty of other great alternatives


The sugar-free chocolate works beautifully in frosting and is even more impressive in the cake batter itself. Because most chocolate cake recipes use unsweetened cocoa powder anyway, switching to a sugar-free powder made almost no difference. However, if you’re looking to cut sugar, baking a cake may not be the way to do it. 


If you’re looking to make some candies (or just want a snack for the movies) sugar-free chocolate is a great alternative. The flavor will be almost the same and will definitely satisfy the craving. Just remember, they don’t heat or cool as well as normal chocolate, so you’ll want to be aware of that if you’re making turtles or truffles.

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Overall, sugar-free chocolate is a great alternative to regular chocolate, but it’s not a perfect substitute. One very important thing to remember is that because of the added fiber and dairy, the chocolate can serve as a laxative if you eat too many. Consider yourself warned. 

If you want to buy some for yourself, you can find some great options popping up in grocery stores across the nation. They’ve got milk and dark Hershey’s chocolate, Reese’s cups, and even York Peppermint Patties! Whether you’re doing a low sugar diet or not, sugar free chocolate is a fun new candy to try. 

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