What Does Tofu Taste Like?

Tofu is one of those unusual foods that you might pass by at the grocery store and not really know what’s in it. Tofu literally looks like white blocks in most cases, which might not be especially appealing right away. The food is quite, unique though.

Tofu is made of curdled soy milk. While this might sound gross, milk and sour cream are similar products of dairy millk and are enjoyed by many people. Tofu is also more flexible than you might imagine.

Tofu in itself doesn’t taste like much. It’s actually a bit sour and quite bland alone, though it is quite good for you. A creative cook can spruce up tofu a bit and make it seriously good as it takes on the flavors it’s cooked with. So, the answer depends upon the preparation!

Differences in tofu texture

Tofu comes in a few packaged varieties. 

Firm or Extra Firm

This kind of tofu has a flexible, rubbery texture. It’s also very versatile and can be baked, thrown in a salad or fried. Given it’s flexibility, it’s the best kind of tofu to by if you aren’t sure about what you are planning to make.

When raw, this kind of tofu can taste a bit like gelatin. The firm texture gets a bit more firm when cooked or baked.

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Medium or Soft Tofu

Medium to soft tofu has a higher water content than firm. These are not as good for frying but great for crumbling. Medium goes great as the company or substitute for an egg, and can be easily added to soup. 

You can also add medium tofu to a salad by just tearing it apart. It can taste a little like an even healthier version of feta cheese as well. Talking about feta cheese, find what does feta cheese tastes like..

Medium is better suited for boiling as it can become somewhat creamy.

Soft Tofu

Soft tofu makes a great, healthy soup base with it’s creamy, silk texture. 

Mixed with sugar and whipped, soft tofu also makes a great addition to desserts. Your dessert eaters won’t really notice the differences and it’s far healthier than most creams you would otherwise add.

Adding spices or flavors also makes soft tofu a great meltable or cold dip.

Soft tofu can be very creamy and usually works best added to a dish.

Tofu and eggs

Tofu and eggs go well together. You can use soft tofu to make a whip for scrambled eggs. Just whisk and you have more healthy protein.

Chop up medium or firm tofu and you’ve added a tofu that will take on the egg flavor – though you can certainly add a variety of spices to the dish. We suggest hot sauce or soy sauce.

What is tofu similar to? What else can I add tofu to?

Tofu looks a lot like cheese, especially in it’s firmest form. Most tofus do not taste much like cheese though.

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Otherwise, tofu can be really good health benefits and taste wise because it an acquire other flavors. Put spices like ginger, cinnamon, and many others and you’ll have a healthy food that tastes like the spice with a different texture.

You’ve probably also noticed that none of our suggestions above recommend eating it alone. This is because tofu alone is pretty boring.

Any other ways to make tofu?

Fried tofu can make a great meal when made with low fat oil and spices. Add some additional vegetables and you can make a well balanced stir fry.

Tofu also tends to come in blocks which make for super easy preparation. Add the tofu to your pan and you are ready to go. Frying doesn’t change the texture much except for potentially making it slightly more firm.

Baked Tofu

Baked tofu can come prebaked too. Add these to a casserole for a healthy protein, or throw them in a salad.

Baked tofu also makes a great snack. Traditionally in squares, you can add spices or something else to make them a bit tastier.

Baking tofu is also very easy. Add your preferred garnish or flavoring and put it in the oven, per the instructions.

Marinate it

Treat tofu like meat. Tofu can readily absorb other flavors. Pick a marinade!

The easiest way to marinate tofu is just like meat. Find the right marinade for you and put the tofu and the marinade in a zip lock tag. Throw the zip lock bag in the fridge overnight and you’ll have some fine flavor.

The most common sauces and marinades for tofu are honey, ginger, soy sauce, and sesame. The preference is all up to you, and many of them come from tofu’s traditional asian background.

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Can tofu taste like meat?

Extra firm tofu can resemble a meat flavor when fried till browned. You can also add beef or chicken broth to enhance the flavor. 

Note that unlike actual plant based meats, tofu isn’t really intended to taste like meat. The flavoring and texture come mostly from your choices.

Final thoughts

Thankfully for those pursuing the healthiest possible plants for food, tofu is highly flexible. You can add it to anything, and it absorbs and takes on that flavor. You can even make a dessert from tofu.

The health benefits outweigh the need to add flavoring. Also, consider that many foods are curdled or otherwise modified versions of simple liquids.

You can also explore other plants that you might otherwise walk by at the grocery store or farmer’s market. Ever try eggplant?

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