What Does Ube Ice Cream Taste Like?

While it has seen decades of popularity in places like the Philippines, ube is just now seeing a surge in positive press. Ube is a root vegetable, similar to a yam, but you will find it used in dishes sweet and savory alike. Lately, swirls of bright purple ube ice cream have been making the rounds on Instagram and other social media websites.

However, for those unfamiliar with the taste, the concept of an ice cream flavor based around a yam may raise a few eyebrows. Before you buy a pint at the store, or order a cone of it at your local creamery, you will find yourself asking what ube ice cream tastes like.

Ube ice cream has a creamy, nutty taste. The flavor is earthy, but not devoid of a sweet kick. When paired with coconut, that sweetness is elevated, making for a refreshing dessert.

What Does Ube Ice Cream Taste Like 

From trendy ice cream shops to Trader Joe’s, ube ice cream is starting to pop up everywhere. This creamy, purple dessert delivers on the unique flavor of ube without masking it with vanilla or other additional tones.

Ube yams were first cultivated in Southeast Asia, primarily in the Philippines. They are extremely popular there; if you were a fan of cuisines from these areas, you have surely encountered this vibrant tuber. 

It isn’t unusual to use yams or potatoes in sweets. Sweet potato pie and candied yams are fall favorites, and ube does not disappoint. 

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Ube ice cream has a complex flavor, primarily being earthy and nutty. The flavor has layers of nuance, and leans more on the neutral side. While it’s not entirely savory, it is not excessively sweet, either. One bright purple scoop is ideal for those who don’t have the biggest sweet tooth, but still crave a summary treat.

The flavors of ube ice cream can be likened to a matcha or green tea ice cream. It is milky, malty, and subtly sugary. Some have referred to ube’s flavor as being an amalgamation of vanilla, swirled in with the nutty notes of a pistachio. Overall, the flavor is gentle, never overpowering or heady. 

With Coconut 

Coconut is often found both mixed in with ube ice cream, or sprinkled on as a topping. The bright, refreshing Taste of coconut will add plenty of sweetness to ube ice cream. The two pair well together, cultivating a taste that is tropical yet earthy.


The texture of ube ice cream will heavily depend on where you are getting it. For example, your favorite soft serve spot will likely have one that is creamy and smooth. 

Because of the fibrous nature of ube, you may find that it is significantly creamier than some other flavors. There will be fewer ice crystals, likening the texture to that of a gelato.

That fibrous nature, however, will not leave an impact on the texture of your ice cream. The process in which ube ice cream is made will ensure that the final product is completely smooth. However, you may find some leave in chunks of the yam, allowing for a breakup in texture. Which one you prefer is entirely a matter of personal tastes.

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Popular for its bright purple hue, ube ice cream is taking social media by storm. Ube ice cream has a flavor profile that can be described as nutty, earthy, and lightly sweet. It is rich in taste, and easy to get on board for if you aren’t a big fan of sweets.