What Does Undercooked Fish Taste Like?

While raw fish may be acceptable in certain dishes such as sushi, it may not be what you are wanting for dinner. So how do you know if your fish is undercooked?

The flavor of the raw or undercooked fish will depend on the type of fish you are eating.

There is a wide range of fish out there, and so there is a variety of flavors available. Below is a chart to describe some common kinds of fish prepared in the United States:

TilapiaSweet, mild
TunaNeutral, mild, soft, chewy
SalmonButtery, melts in your mouth
CodButtery, mild
TroutSweet, nutty, buttery
HalibutSweet, mild
FlounderSweet, mild

While different kinds of fish vary in flavor, the texture of undercooked fish will be similar across the board. Raw or undercooked fish will be flexible and solid in texture.

Other Signs of Undercooked Fish

If your fish is undercooked, you will likely be able to tell by looking at it rather than biting into it and risking an unpleasant experience.

Cooked fish should be flaky and fall apart easily. To test your fish, poke a fork in the thickest part and gently twist. If it is hard to cut into or isn’t flaky, it may not be cooked through. 

Fish should also be opaque, meaning you shouldn’t be able to see through it. If it appears clear or transparent, it may not be done.

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You can check the temperature of the fish as well. Fish that is cooked to 145 degrees Fahrenheit should be safe to eat.

When is it Okay to Eat Raw Fish?

While some may enjoy consuming raw fish, there is a risk of food poisoning if the fish was not stored properly.

If your fish was frozen, it may be safe to eat it raw. To kill any potential bacteria or parasites, freeze your fish for a week at -4 degrees Fahrenheit or for 15 hours at -31 degrees Fahrenheit then thaw.


Raw or undercooked fish may be tasty, but it may not be safe or what you are wanting to serve your guests. If your fish looks or tastes undercooked, be sure to follow the above tips to get that fish cooked to perfection!