What Does Watermelon Taste Like? 

The watermelon is a tricky fruit to miss and is usually large and in charge in the grocery section. The watermelon is a melon that has a dark green outer rind that usually sports brighter green stripes. Watermelon typically grows with striped outer rinds, making them distinct in the melon family. 

Watermelon is a unique melon and offers three very different flavor combinations in a mix of sweet, sour, and bitter. There is a lot of water in watermelon, and it is not an overtly sweet flavor. The bitter and sour complement each other in flavor. Watermelon has a slightly different flavor and taste as it ages.

Watermelon is enjoyed readily during the summer and can be harder to find in the winter. The juiciest and best-tasting watermelons are usually found during the summer months. Watermelons can be seedless or have a lot of seeds in them, depending on which watermelon type you buy. 

What Does Watermelon Flavor Taste Like?

Watermelon is a unique flavor because it is bitter, sweet, and sour. This means there is an initial pucker with the bitter and sour flavors before it is sweet. Often the rind will be the most bitter part of the entire watermelon, so the sour and sweet are the brightest flavors. Watermelon flavor is used to make lots of goods and can be very close to the original melon. 

When shopping for watermelon, it may be hard to tell which watermelon is ready to take home and enjoy. The darker the watermelon, the more likely the chance it has ripened. Bright green watermelons will be bitter and should be avoided or left on the counter to ripen to produce the best flavor. 

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Is Watermelon a Good Flavor?

Watermelon can be found in various food products, including candies, sodas, juices, baked confections, and cereal for adventurers of flavor. The watermelon flavor can be best described as refreshing in most settings, but when paired with sourness can become pretty whacky. 

Watermelon has an interesting dynamic, fresh and juicy while maintaining a sweet and sour body. Alcohol benefits significantly from the taste of watermelon because of the potency of the sweet to the sour ratio of the watermelon flavor. This makes for tasty alcoholic beverages that taste refreshingly like watermelon. Watermelon wine is another tasty alcoholic beverage that benefits from the bitter, sour, and sweet taste of fermented watermelon. 

How Would You Describe Watermelon?

Watermelon tastes sweet most of the time, especially when it is ready to eat and ripened. Bitter watermelon is usually found when consumed too early, and the flesh of the watermelon is still firm. Sour or off-tasting watermelon with no sweet components might be off or have gone wrong. Watermelon must have an even taste throughout the melon and shouldn’t be too bitter or sour in any particular spot. There are different types of watermelon, but this article focuses on the regular old striped green kind.  

Are Watermelons Sweet or Sour?

The taste of watermelon sometimes can be an overwhelming mixture of sweet and sour. Watermelons are generally primarily full of water and sugars, so the watermelon’s sweetness makes it stand out. Watermelons can be sour or bitter if consumed too early, too late, or if watermelon has been left out too long. 

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Watermelon can add bits of sweet and sour to candies and make them more potent. Some candies even amp up the sour flavoring with their watermelon flavor to induce a pucker face unique to this flavor. 


Watermelon is a very tasty summertime melon that is characterized by being a deep green with brighter green stripes. Watermelons have bitter, sour, and sweet flavors and can be enjoyed fresh and cut from the plant. The watermelon carries a lot of water and can be juicy and sweet, full of seeds, or seedless.