The Best Stone Ground Mustard Substitutes (And How to Make It Yourself)

Stone ground mustard adds a nice taste and texture to any dish. It can be a delicious addition to sandwiches or it can be a potent ingredient in other dishes, such as cold salads

For a stone ground mustard substitute you can use yellow mustard, dijon mustard, or dry mustard. In some cases, you can even substitute wasabi powder, turmeric, or horseradish powder for stone ground mustard.

The alternative for stone ground mustard you prefer depends on what dish you are making and what you want the desired outcome to be. Talking about stone ground mustard, you can use these English mustard substitutes as well. Stone ground mustard has a look and texture that is all its own, but its taste can be mimicked by some swap options.

Common Stone Ground Mustard Alternatives

Often found on the shelves of your local grocery store, stone ground mustard is made of many mustard seeds that are ground up and mixed with a liquid to form a thick paste. Brown and black mustard seeds are commonly used to make this mixture, as their spice makes them a delicious resource. 

  • Yellow Mustard: Comparable in taste to stone ground mustard, yellow mustard is a top alternative. It may have a taste that is more like vinegar, but yellow mustard adds a nice tang to anything you add it to.
  • Dijon Mustard: A bit more sweet than stone ground mustard, Dijon mustard is a great substitute for stone ground mustard on sandwiches and when used as a spread. It doesn’t have that gritty texture many people love about stone ground mustard, though.
  • Dry Mustard: You will find this ingredient in a small container in the spice aisle of your local grocer. Dry mustard must be mixed with other liquids or used as a spice, but it will add some nice flavor to your dish.
  • Wasabi Powder: If it’s the heat you enjoy in stone ground mustard, wasabi powder can be a great alternative without being too overpowering. This is a good substitute for stone ground mustard in pasta salads and other cold dishes.
  • Turmeric: This bright yellow powder will certainly give your dish a new look, but it won’t necessarily taste like stone ground mustard. A little goes a long way with this robust spice.
  • Horseradish Powder: If you’re looking to add a kick to your dish, horseradish powder will do the trick in place of stone ground mustard.
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How to Make Stone Ground Mustard

If you are in a pinch and don’t think any of these alternatives will do, you can always go all in and make your own homemade stone ground mustard. This homemade condiment has a long shelf life and is rather easy to put together.

You will need to gather your ingredients of brown mustard seeds, water, white wine vinegar, turmeric, and sugar, to begin with. Follow these steps to make your own delicious stone ground mustard:

  1. Put mustard seeds into your mortar, and move the pestle back and forth to grind the seeds up. A yellow mustard will begin to seep out after a few seconds.
  2. Add water slowly, creating a paste with your mustard seeds. If you use cold water, it will create a spicier mustard. Whereas if you use hot water you will end up with a milder mustard flavor. 
  3. Add salt, turmeric, and white wine vinegar for finished touches. Continue to grind until the consistency becomes less watery. You can also leave some seeds whole to create a coarser texture. 
  4. Store your mustard in the refrigerator in a glass jar to allow the flavor to develop.

Not everyone is interested in spending the time to make their own stone ground mustard. Yet, when you need a substitute and nothing else will do, this can be a great alternative.

Final Thoughts

Overall, stone ground mustard is a unique condiment that has a taste, look and texture that is all its own. If you’re looking for something different to smear on your sandwich, you can try this condiment or an alternative in yellow mustard or dijon mustard. 

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If you’re looking to use stone ground mustard for baking, dijon and yellow mustard work well in place of it in these circumstances, too. Or you can choose to liven your pasta salad up with a dash of dry mustard or wasabi powder as an alternative to stone ground mustard. 

There are many ways you can go with stone ground mustard, but some of the best involve simple recipes spiced up with ingenious uses for this charismatic condiment.