8 English Mustard Substitutes

English mustard, sometimes called mustard powder, is a hotter version of American mustard. English mustard is considered a spice and is used in many recipes. Whether you’re out of the spicier mustard or prefer a milder mustard, there are plenty of English mustard substitutes to choose from.

The best English mustard substitutes are the German Mittlescharf, Dijon mustard, and spicy brown mustard (sometimes called deli mustard). Creole mustard, Chinese mustard, and Wagarashi (Japanese mustard) are also good substitutes. Horseradish and turmeric are also good substitutes, depending on the recipe you are using.

What Can I Use Instead of English Mustard?

There are many ways you can use English mustard, and as such, there are plenty of substitutes available. The substitute you choose will depend on your intended use of English mustard.

German Mittlescharf

“Mittlescarf” means “medium hot,” so it is a good substitute for English mustard. It is very comparable in taste, but slightly milder.

Dijon Mustard

Dijon mustard is a good middle ground between American and English mustard, as it is slightly spicier than American mustard, but milder than the English variety. Aside from spice levels, English and Dijon mustard are very similar in taste.

Deli Mustard

Deli mustard, also called spicy brown mustard, is commonly used on sandwiches with deli meats such as roast beef and pastrami. It is called deli mustard because it pairs well with these deli meats and can stand up to the strong tastes of deli meats. It is very similar in taste and spiciness to English mustard.

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Creole Mustard

Creole mustard is coarse and slightly hotter than English mustard, but in certain recipes, it can be a close substitute.

Chinese Mustard

Chinese mustard is traditionally used as a dipping sauce, but it can be used for any purpose that English mustard is used for. Chinese mustard is very similar in taste and texture to English mustard, with the only ingredient difference being wine.


Wagarashi is a Japanese mustard that is used as a spice, not a sauce or condiment. Wagarashi has more of a kick than English mustard, but it will taste similar when used as a spice in your dish.


Horseradish is a good alternative to English mustard when used as part of a sauce. To achieve the English mustard taste, horseradish can be used alone or mixed with Dijon mustard. Horseradish is in the same root family as mustard, so the taste will be almost identical to that of English mustard.


Turmeric (What Does Turmeric Taste Like?) is milder than English mustard but will provide the same color and a similar flavor to English mustard. Turmeric is bitter; however, it is a great alternative to English mustard when used as a spice.