Can You Cook Sausage in the Microwave?

When we’re in a time crunch or aren’t feeling particularly productive, the microwave can be the first place we turn to get a meal in. It’s convenient, easy, and often takes very little time, especially compared to other methods of cooking food like an oven.

Is It Possible to Cook Sausages in the Microwave?

In short, yes, sausage can be cooked in the microwave! It’s easy and doesn’t alter the food much, if at all. One thing to remember about using a microwave is that it cooks food from the outside in, so there may be a couple of extra steps to take.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cooking Sausage in the Microwave

Obviously, we love the microwave because of its convenience and ease to use. You can have a meal in a matter of minutes. But, when you cook anything in the microwave, you’re likely to be wary of unprecedented results. 

This doesn’t mean it’s not worth it, but sometimes the quick cook time is exchanged for a slight alteration in your food.


The pros of using a microwave to cook sausage definitely outweigh the cons. You’ve just woken up, and want to start your day with a quick but hearty breakfast.


Anything can be cooked in the microwave in a matter of minutes. The same is true when it comes to sausage, you can expect a fully cooked sausage from the microwave in five or so minutes. This number varies based on how much sausage you’re cooking, but it’s an extremely quick way to safely cook sausage.

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Less Mess

Along with the quick prep and cooking time, cooking sausage in the microwave also yields less cleanup. All you need is a dish and a couple of utensils, as opposed to a big oven tray and other materials.


In a perfect world, there would be no disadvantages to using a microwave. But unfortunately, sausages are no exception to the wrath of a microwave. They may not be deal breakers, but there are a couple of things to consider when using a microwave to cook sausage.

No Coloring

When you cook sausage any other way, you expect it to brown or change in color. This will not happen when you microwave sausage. It doesn’t change the flavor or safeness, but it is something to keep in mind.

Using something to color them beforehand or a browning dish can help change this fact, but accepting that they won’t color is just as good. It doesn’t have much effect on the end result, minus a shocking difference in the color.

Skin Peeling Away

Another thing to know about cooking sausage in the microwave is that it will cause the skin casings to peel off. Again, this may not affect the taste of your sausage but can be alarming if you aren’t aware of the effect beforehand.

There isn’t really a way to prevent this from happening, so if you like, you can go ahead and peel off the casings before microwaving. Of course, you can also do so after cooking. It’s up to you, but certainly something to keep in mind. 

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How to Cook Sausages in a Microwave

Now that we’ve weighed the pros and cons of using a microwave to cook sausages, let’s get into the method of doing so. You will need a microwave safe dish, a knife, scissors, and a paper towel or microwave safe lid.


  1. If you’re using sausages that are linked, first cut the links into separate pieces using either scissors or a knife.
  2. Poke small holes into the raw sausages before microwaving. This will help them to cook thoroughly.
  3. Place the desired amount of sausages onto a microwave safe dish. Make sure they aren’t directly touching each other.
  4. Once your sausage is on a dish, cover it with either a corresponding lid or a paper towel. This will keep the sausages from spraying all over the microwave and creating a mess, and will trap in the moisture to get you the juicy sausage that you love.
  5. Using high heat, microwave for about two minutes. After that, flip them over and cook for another two minutes. 
  6. After microwaving, you’ll notice that the skin is peeling off (if you didn’t manually peel it off beforehand.) It’s best to peel this casing off before eating. The sausage should not be light pink, but more of a light brown color.

How to Tell if Your Sausage is Cooked Properly

A surefire way to tell that sausage is fully cooked is to use a thermometer. The internal temperature of sausage should be at least 155 degrees Fahrenheit, and no more than 170. Boiling them before cooking can also help to ensure that this happens, and the color of the sausage will also tell you that they’re cooked properly (light brown).

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Sometimes, even fully cooked sausage will be slightly pink on the inside. This is because sausage is treated in salt before it’s sold. You don’t want it to be pink on the outside, but if it is at the desired internal temperature, sausage that is a little pink on the inside is fine to consume.


Can sausages be slightly undercooked?

It’s not a great idea to eat undercooked sausage. For one, the flavor will be off. But more importantly, eating undercooked sausage can yield health risks. Doing so may cause digestive issues and food poisoning.

Undercooked sausage will likely be slimy and unappetizing. If you stick a fork in your sausage and its juices are red, this is a sign that it’s not fully cooked. Another easy way to tell that sausage is uncooked is if it isn’t hot or warm to the touch.

How long should I microwave sausage?

Microwave time may vary based on how many sausages you’re cooking. Starting with the four minute method is ideal, then check the internal temperature. If they still seem to be undercooked, repeat for another two minutes until the sausage is fully cooked.

Can frozen sausages be microwaved?

Frozen sausages can be microwaved, and it is often an ideal method for defrosting them. If your sausages are stuck together, run them under water until they come apart. Microwaving for three to five minutes on the defrost setting will thaw out the sausages. Once they’re thawed, cook in the microwave as usual. 

Final Thoughts

Sausage is not typically a food you think of when you think of a microwave, but they can certainly be microwaved. The end result is not as brown as a sausage that’s been grilled, but using a microwave to cook sausages does not alter the taste and is very convenient.