Can You Freeze Paella?

If you have ever seen someone prepare homemade paella, you know that it is not something made in small quantities by any means. With the recipe for a paella calling for a very large skillet to prepare the massive amounts of rice and seafood in, you’re sure to have some leftovers. So what’s the best way to keep these leftovers?

So long as it’s placed in the freezer within a few hours of being prepared, you can freeze paella for up to two months

How to Freeze Paella 

Freezing paella is a great option for either leftovers or meal planning as it thaws well and can keep for up to two months without losing quality. To freeze paella:

  1. Allow paella to cool to room temperature. You can aid in the cooling process by spreading it out on a baking sheet or large plate. 
  2. Use multiple airtight containers or ziplock freezer bags to portion out your paella. When you’re ready to enjoy, it will be much easier to thaw out individual portions rather than one large batch.
  3. Make sure the portioned containers are airtight and place them in the freezer. 

Frozen paella can be enjoyed for up to two months if properly cooled and sealed. 

Can You Freeze Paella With Shellfish?

Shellfish are a classic paella garnish, typically arranged in an appealing ring around the inner edge of a skillet of paella. If you plan on freezing your paella, however, it is best to remove the shells before placing in the freezer. Seafood is perfectly safe to freeze and thaw later, but including any shells such as those from a mussel or clam is not recommended. 

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Does Freezing Paella Change It’s Texture?

Reheated rice can be problematic, as it tends to get mushy. Such will also be the case with frozen paella, though this can be mitigated depending in the method used to reheat it. 

Final Thoughts

Part of what makes paella paella is that it’s made in quite large quantities. So whether you’re meal-prepping or have leftovers that need to be saved for later, you can easily freeze batches of paella and enjoy them for up to two months!