Can You Freeze Recipes With Raw Eggs?

Raw eggs seem to have so many rules. When to refrigerate them, how long they’re safe to eat, how to cook with them, and more. Pluss, they are in almost every baked dish there is! From cake batter, to cookies, to muffins, to casserole and quiches, raw eggs are everywhere.

Have you made a fresh batch of cookie dough with raw eggs, but you’re wondering if you can freeze it and save it for later? The answer is yes: you absolutely can freeze raw eggs. As long as you aren’t freezing whole raw eggs (eggs in their shell) and they are mixed into some sort of batter or mix, then they are definitely fine to freeze.  

How To Freeze Raw Eggs

There are a few ways you can safely freeze recipes with raw eggs in them, as long as they are wrapped up tightly  and frozen for no more than 3-5 months, then you are good to go. Recipes with raw eggs can safely be thawed in the fridge. Here are some ways you can safely freeze recipes with raw eggs.

Plastic Wrap

For things like batters and doughs, you can simply roll all your content into a ball, then wrap the entire ball with plastic wrap. You can either place this wrapped ball into another ziploc bag, or container or just put it directly into the freezer.

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Muffin Tins or Ice Cube Trays

For things like quiche or casserole, you can’t really roll it into a ball. A great way to go about freezing these things is to pour the contents into a muffin tin or ice cube tray. Freeze for at least 3 hours, until everything is frozen through. Then remove the tray or tin, take out the cubes and put them into a plastic baggie, sealed tightly. They can be frozen for up to 3 months. 

Why Can’t You Freeze Eggs in Their Shells?

When raw eggs are frozen, the liquid inside expands. If you have a frozen raw egg, the liquid would cause the shell to break and the contents to pour out. These contents will most definitely be considered spoiled and are at risk of contamination.

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Final Thoughts

Raw eggs can safely be frozen and recipes containing raw eggs are perfectly fine to freeze. As long as you seal the contents in an air-tight container or wrapped in plastic wrap, then you should be fine! And just remember, never keep your things frozen for more than 5 months.