Does Lobster Taste Like Crab?

At first glance, it can be easy to mistake a lobster for a crab. After all, when you see a server carrying a dish out at a seafood restaurant, the characteristic red shell could be an indication of either type of shellfish.

In general, lobster and crab taste very similar. Both of these types of seafood are sweet and meaty. Lobster does taste like crab, in a sense, but there are a few ways these two crustaceans stand out from each other in their flavor.

Lobster is often seen as more of a delicacy, whereas crab is viewed as a more economical choice. We have all seen the restaurants that advertise “all you can eat crab legs,” but never see the same for lobster. Not only do these two types of seafood differ in their price, but they also vary in their taste.

Differences in Taste

Crab can vary greatly in its flavor profile. Depending on the type used, it can be sweet or briny. In comparison, lobster is sweet and tender when cooked properly. The flavor of lobster is often described as clean, whereas crab is typically fishy or muddy.

Top qualities of lobster meat that make people prefer it over crab include:

  • Sweetness
  • Light flavor and texture
  • Not as fishy as crab
  • Not flaky like crab meat

Some people also enjoy the taste of crab, and it is quite a tasty dish when it is cooked properly. Oftentimes, though, butter is essential to making crab taste better. The merus portion of crab legs is also one of the tastiest parts of this crustacean. On top of it, you can freeze crab meat.