The Guide to Freezing Scrambled Egg Patties

Scrambled egg patties are often seen in restaurants and used on sandwiches and burgers. They’re a delicious way to spice up breakfast sandwiches and other meals while looking nice. 

They’re simple to make and a great way to eat your eggs. But how do you store them? 

You can freeze your scrambled egg patties!

Since scrambled egg patties only last a few days in the fridge, freezing them is a great option to keep them for longer. This is a fantastic way to meal prep or to reduce waste by keeping your leftovers. Just pop them into the freezer for easy use later!

What are scrambled egg patties?

Scrambled egg patties are made using a griddle or frying pan and an egg mold. They’re made with scrambled eggs and have a round shape. Since they have a round shape, they’re great for things like breakfast sandwiches, although you can eat them on their own for a good snack.

How to make scrambled egg patties

Making scrambled egg patties is simple and quick. They’re a great addition to any breakfast or even other meals like burgers and salads.

  1. Whisk together your scrambled egg mixture

First, you need to whisk together the ingredients you choose to make scrambled eggs. Almost everyone has their own favorite way of doing this, but if you don’t, it’s very simple. Crack a few eggs into a bowl and add in some milk. Add a pinch of salt and whisk everything together until light and fluffy.

With scrambled eggs, there are lots of things you can add to them to improve their flavor and make them more interesting and tastier. You can try different add-ins like

  • Tomatoes
  • Bacon
  • Cheese
  • Onions
  • Sausage
  1. Heat up your griddle
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Next, grab your griddle, cast iron pan, or frying pan and heat it on medium heat. Add about a tablespoon of butter to your pan and wait until it has melted.

Depending on how many egg patties you want to make, you may need a bigger or smaller pan. Keep this in mind when choosing which pan you’ll need.

  1. Grab your mold

After your pan has heated and the butter has melted, put your mold into the pan. You can use many different things as a mold if you don’t happen to have an egg mold on hand.

  • Tuna can
  • Cookie cutter
  • Biscuit cutter
  • Mason jar lid

It’s a good idea to grease the mold so the eggs don’t stick to it while cooking. Simply place your mold into the pan. Placing it in the middle of the pan will ensure the evenest cooking.

  1. Pour the eggs into the mold

Next, carefully pour your eggs into your mold. Season with salt and pepper to taste and feel free to add cheese, bacon, or any other add-ins you’d like.

  1. Cook until done

The last step is to cook your eggs. Simply just let them cook until they’re set and done to your liking. If you feel like doing so, flip the patty and cook the other side as well.

How to freeze scrambled egg patties

Freezing scrambled egg patties is a great way to save your leftovers or to plan ahead and meal prep. You can cook as many egg patties as you like and store them in the freezer for later. Just grab them out and you’re good to go!

Freezing the egg patties is fast and easy.

  • Let the egg patty cool
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It’s important to set your egg patties aside and let them cool to room temperature before freezing them. Putting hot food directly into the freezer can cause them to freeze much more slowly which gives bacteria more time to grow and potentially spoil the eggs.

Putting hot food in the freezer can also cause the surrounding frozen food to begin to thaw which can invite bacteria growth or cause the food to spoil.

  • Put the egg patties into a container or bags

Next, choose how you’re going to store your egg patties. Using an airtight freezer-safe container is a good way to store them in the freezer. You can also portion them out into freezer-safe bags. Either way, ensure that they’re stored in a way that allows little to no air to get to them.

  • Label the container or bags

Using masking tape and a sharpie, date and label your containers or bags. This will help you to remember when they were put into the freezer and avoid eating them if they’ve been in there too long.

  • Put them into the freezer

Lastly, store your bags or containers of scrambled egg patties in the freezer. Once they’re frozen, your scrambled egg patties can last up to 6 months in the freezer. They won’t necessarily be bad after 6 months, but the quality and taste will decline significantly after this time.

Thawing your frozen scrambled egg patties

Now that you’ve frozen your scrambled egg patties, they’re ready to grab out and thaw whenever you need them. 

To thaw your egg patties, remove them from the freezer and put them directly into the fridge. Never thaw your eggs at room temperature as this can allow for bacteria to grow on the eggs. This can lead to food poisoning and other food-borne illnesses.

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Placing them in the fridge before you go to bed and letting them thaw overnight is a good practice as this gives them plenty of time to thaw completely.

Reheating your thawed scrambled egg patties

Once you have thawed your scrambled egg patties, they’re ready to warm up. Reheating them on the skillet is the best way to warm them up again.

Simply heat a pan to medium heat and place the patty on the pan. Let it cook until it’s warmed all the way through. Once it’s warmed completely, your egg patty is ready to eat.

Storing your scrambled egg patties in the fridge

If you’re going to use your egg patties in the next few days, you can also bypass the freezer altogether. You can place your egg patties into bags or containers and store them in your fridge.

This method of storing the egg patties won’t keep as long as in the freezer but is a good option if you’re going to be using them shortly. Scrambled egg patties can last for about 3-4 days when refrigerated.

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Freezing your scrambled eggs is a great way to keep them for later or to plan ahead for future meals. It’s quick and easy to do and will keep your eggs good for up to 6 months! Refrigerating them is always an option as well, but this will only keep your eggs good and ready to eat for a few days.

You can even try making lots of egg patties at one time! Portion them out and stick them in the freezer for a quick meal later.