8 Havarti Cheese Substitutes

Havarti is a versatile cheese. Most commonly, it is used on sandwiches, pizza, and on grilled meats like chicken. It is also used in a plethora of recipes when shredded. Havarti is a pasteurized cheese, meaning any bacteria on it has been killed.

Havarti cheese is a Danish, semi soft cheese. Its taste is mild and somewhat sweet. When deciding on a substitute for Havarti cheese, the main thing to note is if the cheese has the same flavor and hardness that Havarti does in your desired recipe.

Many types of cheeses work in replacement of Havarti. Some of the best include Colby, Monterey Jack, gouda, Swiss, Esrom, edam, Saint Paulin cheese, and Tilsit cheese.

1. Colby Cheese

The taste of Colby cheese is similar to cheddar cheese, and it melts perfectly. It can be used in basically any recipe that calls for cheese. When substituting colby cheese for Havarti cheese, a one to one ratio will work.

2. Monterey Jack

Monterey Jack cheese has a mild but gratifying taste, and pairs well with many dishes. It makes a great appetizer for wine nights, and makes a nice addition to dishes like sandwiches, casseroles, and pasta.

Monterey Jack cheese is also known for the way it melts. It is a common cheese to use for cheese sauces, and can be substituted for Havarti at a one to one ratio.

3. Gouda Cheese

Gouda cheese is available in multiple varieties, ranging from semi soft to hard. It can be consumed cold or melted. Gouda is a very versatile cheese, which makes it a perfect substitute for Havarti cheese. A one to one ratio for substituting does the job for this one as well.

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4. Swiss Cheese

Swiss is another widely available and accessible cheese. Its texture is on the softer side and it works in almost any recipe that recommends Havarti cheese. Whether it be mac and cheese or paninis, Swiss cheese can be a superb replacement for Havarti at a one to one ratio.

5. Esrom Cheese

Esrom cheese is best known for its melting abilities, as its texture is semi soft. It works best in warm recipes. Though it is most commonly used for hot foods like fondue and casseroles, it also works for appetizers and salads. Havarti cheese can be replaced with Esrom at a one to one ratio.

6. Edam Cheese

Edam cheese has a more complex flavor than many other cheeses. It is described as nutty and buttery, yet also sweet. Edam can be used as a substitute for Havarti cheese in any recipe, and a one to one ratio will do just fine for this one as well.

7. Saint Paulin Cheese

This is a French cheese that works best as a melting cheese. It is also very aromatic, making it a great option for an appetizer. It is very versatile, and doesn’t have to only be used for melting, though this is what Saint Paulin is known for. It pairs well with wines and can be substituted at a one to one ratio. 

8. Tilsit Cheese

If you are looking to replicate the flavor of Havarti cheese, Tilsit is probably your best bet. It is unfortunately more rare than most other cheeses, and can get pricey. Tilsit can be found at specialty stores or online.

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Havarti cheese is a very versatile cheese that has a subtle taste which pairs well with many other foods. It can be used in meals, appetizers, or for melting. This versatility is an excellent asset, and luckily, there are other types of cheese that replicates the properties of Havarti.