How Long to Microwave Canned Corn?

Canned corn can be a quick, easy and nutritious side. That said, how long should you cook canned corn in the microwave? 

Canned corn contains nutrition and vitamins, but can you heat it in the microwave? How long do you cook it? You are sure to know that you can cook canned corn in under 5 minutes in the microwave! 

Is It Safe To Cook Canned Corn In The Microwave? 

So, does it mean it is safe just because you can do something? In the case of microwaving canned corn, yes, it is safe! Contrary to the common thought that microwaving can deteriorate the nutritional value of corn, it is safe. 

How Long Do You Cook Canned Corn in the Microwave?

When you buy corn in a can, the corn is precooked, meaning you only need to warm it up for enjoyment, not to cook it. To warm canned corn up in the microwave, take the corn out of the can and place it into a microwave-safe bowl. You do not want to put the tin can in the microwave. Once your corn in a microwave-safe bowl is in the microwave, you can microwave it at high power for 3 to 4 minutes; check if it is cold. If the corn is still chilly, put it in for an additional 1 to 2 minutes. 

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Can Canned Corn Explode in the Microwave?

If you take the precautions not to let your canned corn explode in the microwave, then no, it will not explode in the microwave. Avoid using airtight lids for microwaving canned corn; they may cause an explosion. Another less common thing that could happen by putting your tin can of corn directly into the microwave could also lead to a blast, and not in a good way!  

Can I Cook Multiple Tinned Sweet Corn At The Same Time?

Yes! It is easy to cook multiple cans of corn at a time. When doing so, ensure that you use about half the liquid. Assume you are cooking four cans of canned corn; you would drain two cans of the corn.


What happens to corn in the microwave?

Some may believe microwaving corn will deplete its nutritional value; you may know it is false. Although it may take some of the nutrients out of the corn, no more than any other cooking method does. 

Do you drain the water from canned corn?

Indeed you should drain the water from the canned corn and replace it with fresh water. Draining the water and replacing it with fresh water can bring the flavor of the corn out more without the distraction of the salts in the canned corn juice. 

Is canned corn high in sodium?

Unfortunately, canned sweetcorn is relatively high in sodium, containing 9% of your Daily diet; that’s quite a bit!

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To summarize, cooking canned corn in the microwave is quickly done in under 5 minutes! Perfect for those last-minute or lazy meals!